Phono Preamp suggestions?

My current system is set up as so:

- McIntosh MA6100 Integrated
- Linn Sondek LP12 w/ Lingo, EKOS arm, Arkiv cart

I've already determined the onboard phono stage on the MA6100 is not going to cut it for this low voltage MC cart; so, what would be a good phono preamp to handle this type of situation? Is a step up headamp or transformer an option also? Or rather, what features should I look for in a phono preamp to make this set up most efficient?

EAR 834P is an excellent phono pre.
Yes, a step up transformer is an option. Art Dudley did an article on several models in Stereophile. The key is to match your existing setup.
The big question is:whether the perspective cartridges prefer to be loaded with a transformer or are they best served by a high-gain phono stage.
a nice feature which not all phono preamps have is a mono switch. Not a killer if not there, but if comparing two or more and everything more or less is even it could be a tie breaker
I should have added above, the Arkiv cart is .15mV
You should be able to get either a SUT like one from K&K or a head amp like the Piccolo from Hag Tech and use the onboard phono in the integrated amp. I'd talk to both of the vendors about your amp, cart and how their products could solve your problem.
The Aqvox 2CI will handle cartridges down to ,1mV in its' balanced operation.MSRP:$1795.

I have a very similar setup to yours. I currently run a McIntosh MA6100 with an LP12 (Valhalla, Basik Plus and Adikt). I love my vintage Mac but I think you need to take this opportunity to improve your phono stage. I recently determined that the phono in the 6100 is the weak link in my system (and your LP12 is better than mine). I am in the process of getting a Lehmann Black Cube - I am hoping that it will tighten up the sound. I love the warm McIntosh house sound but I feel that the phono in the 6100 is just not up to modern standards - when I posted a question about this on Canuck Audio Mart someone described it as lazy which I think is a good description. I still love the MA6100 with a digital source and I do not see myself changing it anytime soon.
I've owned my McIntosh MA6100 since 1973. I used it for many years with a Thorens TD-150 turntable and various Shure/Stanton, etc. MM cartridges. But when I bought an Audible Illusions preamp in 1993, I found the phono stage was WORLDS better than that in the Mac.

This past couple of years, for the first time I moved away from an integrated solution to a dedicated phono stage. I still vaguely resent the lack of full-function preamps or amps with great phono stages. Just what we need, another box, power cord, interconnects, etc. (RANT MODE OFF).

One combination that I tried with good success was a Benz PP-1 phono stage with the McIntosh MA6100. The Benz in another system sounded a bit dry, but the Mac has a gentler way with high frequencies and the combination with the Benz was extremely nice. Very clean, articulate and detailed, and quite lovely overall. Good bass. I found the Benz worked will with several lower output MC cartridges (Shelter 501 & 901), but it is limited in your ability to load the cartridge. The good news, you can find the Benz PP-1 around quite cheap (under $500) and the combo is something special with the Mac, IMHO. Don't know how the Benz would work with your very low output Adikt. But worth a try!
I have a friend that came to me for a phono stage recommendation.He has a Linsondek LP 12 with Lingo ,Ekos Arm .I put in an order for a new Audia Flight for him and it is asolutely stunning in transparancy and dead quiet. I carry the Audia Flight phono pre amp and it hands down will kill anything at the price points of $6k to $12k. I am biased since i replaced Aestheix Rhea and also Manley Steelhead for the Flight and loved it so much i became a dealer.Please underestand that this is not a sales call.I am not familiar with the integrated so i cant give you my opinion on it. I do have other suggestions.What is your budget and what are other gears like,ie speakers ,interconnect etc. FYI Audia FLIGHT WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO BREAK HOWEVER IT SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX . If you want to get more info on it let me know.
if it's not a sales call what is it?
a Linto? Literally designed to work with your TT.
10-05-09: Koloft
Please underestand that this is not a sales call<<

Well, if it walks like duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's usually a sales call.

Quack quack.
LOL. Thanks guys. I believe I have an idea of what I am going for now.
Audia flight, Herron(newest version)ASR, AMR.
SUT requires careful matching at both ends; cart and phono stage.
Head-amp A very good one I used recently was ZYX CCCP-1 which you should be able to get a great buy on from Sorasound.
Full function pre-amps w great internal phono stages:
Atmasphere MP-1 or 3, depending on budget
VAC Ren or Ren Sig
Doshi Alaap.
Both the VAC and the Atma use transformers, the Doshi is active and is noise free w 0.24 MV carts; you might want to check w builder because the 0.15 mv spec is quite low.