Peanuts from hell

I like peanuts although it's not my favorite nut.

Now the peanuts that are used to pack audio gear in boxes are the peanuts from hell. Try unpacking your peanut-laden box outdoors in the wind and you have will have a real nightmare with them flying across the yard.

You really don't if you will have the peanut blues until you get inside the box and then you know it is peanut death when you see the little white/green boogers. All over the rug/carpet/floor they go. Try picking them up--real fun it is.

For all you peanut shippers out there, I now will request that when I buy audio gear from you I do not want the peanuts from hell. If you insist then we buyers will tar and peanut you. =8^)
What else can you do to ship things? I prefer the "good" peanuts which are made from corn starch. These peanuts are totally biodegradeable, so if they blow away outside they will just desolve when they contact water...and when they get in your house you can just let the dog eat them.

You're nuts.
Bubble wrap! Please. Thank you.
Good sellers will place peanuts in bags or god help them if they dont ATLEAST wrap the item in a bag.....ever try pulling peanuts from a bass port....f^#*!
Mandatory bubble wrap.

For all those who I have cursed with these little critters I repent.
A little patience and you can unpack gear from outer box w/o losing too many peanuts. You have to hold the edges of the outer box up while you pull out the inner box.

Biodegradeable are best, but peanuts are better than bubble wrap when used right.
The two times that purchases I have bought and shipped to me that came with peanuts used in the packaging I did the following. Got out my wet/dry vac and vacuumed them straight out of the box. No mess no fuss . The most important thing was no damage to product which thankfully and some what luckily with the inherit risks of shipping heavier items. Personally , peanuts are cheap and inferior packing. Thick bubble wrap or the foam that quality gear is shipped in these days (not styro-foam) is preferred . Worst packing job I ever saw was a friend of mine bought a 3000 dollar amp that was sent in an oversized box lined with newspaper.By the time it got delivered to him it was transformed into a boat anchor. Cheers
Peanuts alone are a terrible packing material, as the gear can migrate within the package and end up in contact with the box walls, inviting damage. A much better idea, if one must use peanuts, is to stabilize them with newspaper to prevent migration. Of course, those who are not using the manufacturer's supplied packaging and do not double box are being imprudent.
Be careful when vacuuming styrofoam, as this creates static electricity, which can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics. Been there, done that.
Bought a very rare Receiver. The seller packed it in a box filled with peanuts. UPS managed to rip open the lower corner of the box and all of the peanuts spilled out. I received a smashed, crushed, totally destroyed Receiver. Pieces of metal and glass everywhere. Unbelievable. The seller refunded the purchase price when I asked how would it be possible for peanuts to provide structural support for delicate electronics in shipping. Peanuts were designed as a filler, not as the primary essential packaging.
Newspaper is the best packing material.
Two boxes, with strategically placed foam rubber strips(glued) to act as a suspension between the boxes(spacing at least a couple inches all around the inner box). The item wrapped in bubble wrap. That's only if you care enough, and don't have the original packaging. Peanuts suck!!

Sending a package to UPS for shipping is like sending it to the Zoo. It will eventually get to the lion section and it will be destroyed.

I can see the UPS drive comming up the path with peanuts flying out of the box and leaving it on the outside of the front porch (as they do mine). As it sits there all day in the rain and wind you have peanut soup. Having a screened in porch (FL.) like I have, all the driver has to do is open the door and set it on the porch which is covered. Nope to difficult.
Peanuts for pack suck. Use foam. I can always find some that was used to ship computer gear. the best!
Foam will absorb energy from vibration and impact. A newspaper needs to be read to be absorbed!