Paying for equip? Ach wires or check or cc?

Much concern paying with a wire payment cs credit card?  Some dealers dont like cc and charge more to do this.  
I always pay by check. It gives my dealer more room to discount… typically by inflating the value of trade-ins, since that allows him to show he charged full price to the company he buys from. 
If you don't like this go somewhere else to get the best deal I send a check to reputable dealers.
If you don’t like the program shop elsewhere.

If you like complaining in general, you are doing a great job!
I always pay with credit card because it offers the best protection in any dispute with the store.  That might be additional reason they prefer checks or cash.  In addition credit card offsets my payment for about a month.  

There is no federal law against charging more for credit card payments, but it is prohibited in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.  Would you buy anything from business breaking state law?