Pass Labs XP10 vs Modwright LS 36.5 for X250.5

Recently got hold of a Pass Labs X250.5. Looking into replacing my PREAMP... Would like to know if PASS LABS XP10 or MODWRIGHT LS 36.5 would be a better choice ...
Am open to other suggestion of PREAMPS.

A Pass pre, with a Pass amp, seems logical unless told otherwise. You may want to try a tube pre amp. There are many out there to try. I don't know what would sound good to my ears with a Pass 250.5 in particular, so for once I will not venture a guess. I would still think you might like a tubed pre for this set up.
I would look into auditomkng both.
I clearly shouldn't post from my phone...

I would look into auditioning both. If there is no local Pass dealer, Reno Hi-Fi is great and they have a solid return policy if the piece of gear doesn't work for you.

As for ModWright. TweekGeek carries these if there is no one local with Modwright. They have an audition and a return policy that would let you try out the gear in your home.
Thanks guys ... I will bear in mind what you have shared and suggested.
I use Rowland Capri with X250.5. The Capri replaced an ARC LS25II and it's a great combo, and a super bargain especially if you still play LP's.
I would be sure to use a balanced pre. I don't know if Modwright is balanced.