Pass labs x250.8 stereo amp in San Diego?

I know this is a shot in the dark. But does anyone in San Diego have this amp that I could audition? Pass Labs says they don’t have dealers in San Diego. With audio conferences cancelled, I’m not sure how else to audition amps.
I have the Pass 250.8 but also thousands of miles away. Aren't there shops in other nearby cities that carry the Pass equipment where you could get a listen once things open back up.
I running mine with the Pass XP 10 pre.
I doubt you would return it if you take it for a trial.
Reno also has demo units at a substantial discount.
Good luck 
As others attested to that Mark over at Reno Hi-Fi is the best. Having now lived with the X250.8 for a couple years, it is a superb amplifier. I can't believe you would regret in any way, shape, or form. I'm running mine with the XP22 preamp which is a match made in Heaven. The Pass XP17 phono pre is a gem also.
Excellent amplifier! Gets out of the way in the service of the music. Easy to get that emotional connection with Pass amps; built to a wonderful design spec, assembled by a consistent production team, and backed by one of the best companies in the business. What’s not to like?
Thanks, everyone. Looks like no one in the San Diego area has a Pass Labs x250.8 to share. I talked to Mark at Reno Hifi. Good guy. The return fee is about $1000. In other words, I basically can't return it. From everything I read, I can only imagine loving this amp. It's just hard to know how much different the amp is from my McIntosh 6700 and if the difference is worth the price of the amp. I'm tempted to purchase the Pass Labs sight unseen but it's definitely risky, given personal tastes. Has anyone compared a McIntosh to the Pass Labs? 
Is Mark ok at Reno Hi Fi as my friend is trying to reach him with no luck for weeks.