Linn Sondek LP-12 service in San Diego area ?

Who in the San Diego area know how to properly set up a Linn Sondek LP-12 ? Closer to Carlsbad is better.
You might try Stereo Unlimited on Sports Arena Blvd. I know Stereo Design on Clairemont Mesa used to sell Linn, however, I cannot recommend them.
Hi Mabonn:

Stereo Design sells Linn and I cannot imagine why they would not be recommended for proper set up, they've been a dealer for decades.

However, two other San Diego area options -
Dan worked at Stereo Design for many years and now has his own dealership. He is an expert with Linns.
Jay is not a Linn dealer but has extensive experience in tt setup in general. Plus he is right next door.
Thanks for all your responses. This is very helpful.
Correction for my post. The site for Jay is
Mabonn, forgot about Dan at Blackbird, he is a great recommendation.