Parasound HCA-1000A Modifications

I recently completed some modifications to my Parasound HCA-1000A a few weeks ago, and HOLY COW!!! Now my $300 amplifier sounds like I spent easily 10 times that amount. It's amazing what can be done with a stock amplifier--especially one as good as the HCA-1000A.

Anyway, my question is this: I am thinking about writing a manual about modifying the HCA-1000A and offering it for a small fee--maybe even putting together a "kit" containing the manual and all necessary parts. Would anybody out there be interested in such a manual or kit, or should I not waste my time?
can the same upgrades apply to my old HCA 800II?
What did you change? How much were the cost of parts?
I think it would depend on your definition of "small fee".

Also, the difficulty level to do the mod would be a factor.
To Chadnliz: I haven't been inside an HCA 800II, but I'm sure that there is plenty that can be done with it. One look at a schematic and I would have a pretty good idea as to what you could do.

To Rcziech: The modifications involve disassembling the entire amplifier and replacing stock components. I'm not getting into altering the actual circuit or replacing sections of the circuit board, necessarily. These mods could be done by anyone with a RadioShack soldering iron and desoldering tool. The only other tweek involves rebiasing the output devices (which is much less difficult than it sounds), which does require a voltmeter; but this tweek isn't absolutely necessary. I'm not sure what I would charge, though it wouldn't be exorbitant by any means. It would take a bit of work--I'd have to take high-quality color digital photos, create my own schematic diagrams, and make sure it was written well so that it was easily understood and followed. I was thinking that it would include a short primer on soldering and desoldering technique, a step-by-step guide to disassembling and reassembling the amplifier, as well as instructions on modifications, parts list, and a list of sources (with approximate prices, as they change with time) to find the parts at. All of these sections would have color photos to guide the reader along the way. What do you think a reasonable "fee" would be? Notice that I am NOT asking what you think it "should" be worth, but how much do you think people would pay?

By the way, the reason for my considering a "kit" is because I have been able to get the parts I use at very low prices compared to what you would normally find. This saves the "tweeker" money (in both price of parts and separate shipping fees), as well as the hassle of tracking down all the parts. There might be some things I could do with supplying very nice wire as part of the kits also, but that remains to be determined yet. Of course, high-cost items (like WBT binding posts & RCA connectors, etc.) would be optional.

To Myraj: I replaced a good number of stock components (capacitors, resistors, bridges, output devices, wire, connectors, etc.) with much higher quality parts. The result is greatly improved sound. The catch is that you have to know what parts to replace, what parts to use instead, and where to find them at a good price. I don't remember exactly what I spent on my parts--I'd have to add up the receipts to be exact--but I think as a ballpark I spent about $100 including shipping fees from several different shippers, and I replaced a bunch of parts.
If that was your cost for parts and you assembled an easy to use manual $250 would be a fair price for manual and parts. $75 would be fair for just the manual. i don't know that there would be many takers at those prices though. $200/$50 would be an easier sell.

Good luck!
I think there may be a limited market for this. I agree, I have modified a number of Parasound amps including the 1000a.
Very nice sounding amp modified. I replaced over 30 parts on the main board, added new soft recovery bridges, etc.

One gets similar results on the 2200II and 3500 amps; have not tried the new JC1s or other series.

still have that kit around, Avilex?
This reply is for Avilex or Johnss. Though this thread is old I might have one of your modified amps. The 1000A I have has solen caps, silver wiring, dampning of the chassis and top plate, the loop rca's disconnected and volume pots have been removed. The previous owner did not know who did the mods. I stumbled on this thread while copying a review. If any of the names mentioned performed the excellent mods on my amp please let me know. I can provide pics to further id the mods done. Happy listening!
I am in need of a faceplate for a Parasound HCA-500 amp. Does anyone have one of these for sale or know where I could get one?
Very old thread, but I have an hca-1000a and would be interested in learning about these mods.  Contact me!
Me as well- panaseef
the Parasound HCA series is still a very good amp in 2017.
Happy Listening!