DV 50-S modifications

I'd like to hear from Esoteric DV-50S owners who have had upgrades to this unit. What was the biggest changes you heard in both 2 channel and video applications? Is spending 1200 justified? What can I expect to experience with each of the upgrades? Who is reputable? Thanks all. Dave

I have had my DV-50 (not S) some weeks ago upgraded by audiocom in the UK (I live in Germany). They have I think 5 levels of modifications available. Mine was upgraded to Level 3, that includes a superclock 3 and new regulator boards. The problem in describing the sound difference and what it is worth of course lies in that I don't have an unmodified unit here for comparison and the perception of value would be different for everyone.

Anyway, going a bit out on a limp I would say that the modifications removed any traces of digital sound, improved dynamics, bass impact and resolution. I am leaving out some other things I seem to imagine because I may be just imagining those :-)

Was it worth the money? That is extremely hard to say, but for me to buy player new that would improve over the DV-50 significantly would cost way more than the mods, even factoring in the sale of the DV-50. Then I also liked the DV-50 to begin with and that has not changed since I bought it. It is extremely reliable, quiet in operation, simply a no-nonsense working piece of technology. That was something I liked to keep and a modification would not change that aspect.

My recommendation would be that if you are really happy with everything on the DV-50 (looks, reliability, etc.) a mod is probably a good idea, it will retain these good traits and bring the sonics up a bit. I am not one to say that the mod brings the DV-50 into a new league or makes a whole world of a difference. It is a good player to start with, so how could a mod make it _dramatically_ better? It is better and at this range of performance, improvements come in small but still important increments.

Can't say anything on the video, not used in my system.