CD Player modifications- Improved Sound?

Has anyone out there had a Rotel RCD 1070 cd player modified? What were the results? I also have a Marantz DV8300, should a modification to this unit be considered? I'm really looking to "improve" my 2 channel listening.

A talented modifier could probably improve any player, but certain players can benefit more due to the quality of their DACs, etc. FOr example, Stan Warren told me I'd be better off having a cheap Pioneer w/Burr Brown DACs modified than my Pioneer Elite DV-05, because it's DACs are not as good. You should probably check into those issues before you spend the money on modifications.
Had my RCD 1070 mod recently with Superclock II and diodes replaced with High Speed Soft Recovery Diodes. I have not look back since. It literally transformed the player to the next level and more, sounding coherent, sweet/musical. Black Gate caps are on order as well, can't wait to have them install. Cost approx US$500.
I am not sure if Modwright offer the mod you need,
If you are asking me,will it improve the sound? In
my experience with my sony 9000es, its NIGHT
AND DAY.I dont work for for Dan, just sharing.
Can any of you provide with approximate costs of these upgrades and exactly what was modified? I feel the Rotel RCD 1070 has a "warm" or "thickish" type sound. I very much like the sound but was just wonderin' if the mods would open the player up a little more? And when some of you say the difference is "night and day", what does this mean?

Please respond as I am very interested in your feedback!

Hi Beatlebum,

You can check out for some info on his pricing for other players. That should give you an idea. As far as opening the sound goes, that will probably depend on the mods done and the parts used.

From my experience with modded amps and preamps, bass improves (deeper, stronger) mids and treble are smoother, more extended...everything is much more transparent and lifelike...less "electronic" sounding. Dynamics can improve and noise floor can be lowered too. It likely won't sound like your old player anymore, but I mean that in a good won't mind.

My DAC was built by EVS (, so it is came with all of the mod-type parts and tweaking. My transport is a Sony CDP modded by EVS to be a transport and it is amazing (especially considering the cost was $650-ish, including mods). My preamp is a Counterpoint SA5000 (modded by Mile Elliott at Alta Vista) and my amp is a Counterpoint SA100 (rebuilt to a NP100 by Mike Elliott).
Phild, thank you for describing the night and day
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