Paradigm Studio 60 v5 somewhat boomy

I find the bass slightly boomy, and not well controlled at times. otherwise is quite good

is there anything I can do to cure the boominess a little?
Are they more boomy sounding than other speakers you have had in the same position in your listening room using the same electronics? With quality speakers like that, boominess is usually caused by an interaction with your room and/or floor, and then by lack of control of the speakers woofers by you amplifier.

Try moving the speakers away from room boundaries (back wall and side walls) and see if that helps you at all. Another trick to try is plugging the port with a sock or some foam, especially handy if placement is less flexible to achieve best sound. If you have a floor that happens to vibrate at certain frequencies, or reflect vibrations back into your speaker cabinets, that can also cause trouble. Isolating your speakers with a thick wooden or other kind of platform can sometimes stem this.

If the cheap stuff doesn't work, a more powerful amplifier capable of exerting greater control over the Paradigm's woofers can help. These speakers have such great resolving power that I would be careful to add power along with equal measures of finesse, or you may end up with tight bass and fingernails on the black board treble (i.e. spend more money). You may also want to to look at your source, since older CD players and some turntables have less than stellar bass that you may just now recognize if the Studios go down deeper with more fidelity than your previous speakers.
Room treatments; try Google - lots of great ready-made, DIY and placement info.
Try putting the speakers on pads. I use Aurelex speaker stands. The rise about 1-1/2 inch off of the floor and are great to reduce any bass reverb/boominess. It also goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) to move the speakers away from the walls a bit more. They are, I think, front loading speakers so perhaps that is less crucial.

The stands are available on Amazon and elsewhere online and at stores as well.

PS No affiliation with the company.
Experiment with speaker placement before spending any money for other things.My Paradigms sounded best at least 2ft from the back and side walls.Good luck.
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Newbrook. I use Aurelz Gramma's. They made a huge difference for me, and the 1 1/2" rise actually put the speakers where they should be for my listening chair.
I'm using a ONKIO 9555.

I've placed them about 8in from the wall, and wow! not only the boominess is dramatically reduced but there also seems to be more overall balance. great!

to be honest even at the dealer I remember of finding the bass a bit to much, wouldn't quite say boomy, but a bit too much for my taste. I read somewhere someone comment that bi-wiring them cured this "boominess".

to be fair it also may depends then the audio files - I'm using a mediocre notebook to a DacMagic via usb, and RCA cables to the amp as the it only has analog ports. my apology

I suspect the floor is the worst culprit here, I'm definitely gonna consider these stands

thanks all for the much needed help
Were these new when you boughþ them? If so, the break in process may be a factor. Based on what I've heard from others, expect about 100 to 200 hours of use to be needed for break in.
Eight inches??? You really need to get them out a bit further from the wall. I had the Studio 60 v2 a while ago. They were very good in the larger living room. But when I moved my system into a smaller dedicated room they overwhelmed the room.
As I recall, your Onkyo has tone controls, right? Turn down the bass a notch and perhaps turn up the treble a notch as well. I would try to move them further out into the room, but I realize that optimum placement is not always possible. That Onkyo is a damn nice little amp for the money, BTW.
"They were very good in the larger living room. But when I moved my system into a smaller dedicated room they overwhelmed the room."


I love them they're fantastic speakers, but too much for my living room. I called the dealer today and he agreed to exchange them.

I'm gonna order the Signature S1 v6 YAY!

I think I did the sensible thing :)
Yep, boominess can be readily attributed to your walls and room. Try placing them further away from the walls both side and rear. Also, maybe if you have a finished basement, in my experience this is your best listening room due to the cement walls. I have the same 30k audio system and have used it in 3 different homes, each has had its issues with boominess, except for the finished basement with cement walls.
I too have the Onkyo A9555 running the Paradigm Studio 60v.5. Initially I had my speakers about 5 ft. from each other, and the bass seemed a bit boomy, and the soundstage was not that great. I adjusted the speaker position, allowing more room between and behind the speakers, and not the bass is awesome. Tight and fast. The imaging has improved dramatically. It's all about proper speaker positioning.

I see you have ordered the Signature S1. Unless you use them with a subwoofer, you will seriously miss the bass.
These speakers are not boomy by any means if carefully placed (at least 3ft from any wall or another speaker). If anything they are on the taut side, at least when compared to most other speakers I’ve had in my room. I had Studio 60v3 and they were much riper in the low end, perhaps a bit too much. The v5s are capable of tremendous transparency, neutrality, drive and impact if paired with the right equipment. They also throw a huge and seamless soundstage and have surprisingly deep bass for their size. I have not heard a better 2-way or 2 1/2 way system in my setup all things considered.
Young at heart,
which speakers are you getting?  Theres no version 6 of the signature 1...

im confused.

I’ve had numerous Paradigms and the Studio 60’s that you have are not boomy.  Perhaps bright but not boomy. Something else is going on.  Placement, room treatments, amp...
as far as the Sigs, go for the version 2 with the berrylium tweeter