Pairing Yamamoto A-O8S amp with Supratek Cortese

Has anyone heard or had experience with the Yamamoto A-O8S 45 amp
(2 watts) being driven by a Supratek Cortese ? ' any particular set-up hints and advice would be most appreciated.

I use a Supratek Dual Cabernet with a Yamamoto A-08S and the pairing is magical to my ears. I'm not using any high dollar boutique cabling either. Good luck, I think you'll enjoy it very much.
What are you guys running (and what have you tried) for speakers with the Yamamoto?
I'm using Living Voice speakers, the outboard cross over Avatar model, 6 ohm, 94 db. I don't listen above 74 spl on the rat shack meter and I sit about 7 feet from the speakers. Two watts of power from the '45' tubes is plenty in my situation.
Wow 94db at 6. I'm surprised they are efficient enough. I'm learning specs don't always tell the whole story, and that all specs are not created equally. Thanks for sharing. I want to try a Yamamoto 45 and am wondering what people are using for speakers.
I'm using a pair of Von Schweikert dB99 speakers.
He said 74 dB @7 ft. That is a very subdued level.

With my Yamamoto or Korneff 45 I could play either Audio Note HE AN/Es or Tonian TL-D1s (both about 95 dB/W anechoic) to 85 dB levels in a very large room 10' from the speakers. Excellent sound, if not the last word in dynamics.
Hi Paul-

Thanks for the perspective. I was wondering how low you can go but also always wondering what efficient speakers people are using.

I have a large room, and I listen fairly loudly.
I'm using a Supratek Chenin with an A-08S as part of my triamped DIY 3 way horn setup. A-08s is driving the mid horn ( front loaded Coral Beta 8 with Azurahorn) and it's fabulous.
I am running an Edgarhorn Titan ll system with Seismic Sub. The system is rated at 107DB into 8ohm load throughout. I have both a Yamamoto A08S and Korneff 45 and the 2 WPC will idle into these speakers. These two 45 amp.s are both in the top category of 45's and each offer a different perspective with the 45 tube. The Yamamoto with NOS RCA GLOBE is more lit up in the midrange and the Korneff is focused on tonal hues and richness with a more powerful bass on these speakers. Your mileage will vary depending on the speakers but I think 45's have a limit of speakers that are not much less than 98DB into 8ohm load in a small to average size room. One thing for sure is that if you mate one of these amps. to the right speakers it will walk the dog but once the efficiency point is reached your out of gas quickly.
I am using a Korneff 45 with upgraded Klipsch K-Horns, the only thing original are the cabinets and the 15in woofer. The mids horns are Volti Audio and have a 2in throat matched to a BMS 2in Driver rated @118db, and an upgraded tweeter. This is by far the sweetest combo I have heard in my setup.
Volti Audio truly understands Horn Loudspeakers, and All Horn Loudspeakers like their Vittora. I have heard these extensively and I have never heard a cello, upright bass and just bass in general sound so palpable in a room than with the Volti Audio Vittoras.