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Caps for the Crossovers on Bozak Symphony B-4000
Hello.....the capacitors are the last item that can stop your speakers/system from sounding its best.  I recently replaced all the capacitors on my Volti Audio crossovers, and the results are much better than the words I am using to describe the s... 
Decware silver interconnects: anybody heard them?
It's the popular "wisdom," though I'm learning differently. In The Cable Wars, the boutique designer seems to be winning. Of course, there is no free lunch.....sadly so.  
Isn't it kind of absurd to expect the shipping container to arrive in pristine condition?  Have you ever thought about the massive chain of events that it takes to get a package somewhere.  It is incredible that this event is even possible.   
klipschorns, they kick ass for sure
I am more than aware of what can be done with the Klipsch concept. I had Greg Roberts, Volti Audio, build myself a pair ultimate LaScalas in 2011. The crazy thing is, the price to have Greg build them, with 1 inch Baltic Birch, premium Koa veneer,... 
Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?
In addition, I am not sure what 'you' mean by Classic equipment, but there is not lack of it out there.  The problem, now, is that it's quality is acknowledged, and the prices reflect that.  I was having my tube amp repaired, and I was at my 'repa... 
Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?
Well, if you speak of Audiogon, those of us who have been around for a number of years, know that Audiogon shot themself in the foot a few years back. Although this site now appears ’slicker’, it just ain’t the same. Too much of this site’s sale’s... 
What do the different tube amp types mean?
@amfibius  Thank you so much for the nicely concise overview of how the tubes work.  This was simple, and to the point. I hadn't come across something like this until just now. :) 
klipschorns, they kick ass for sure
Klipsch could be a whole  lot better, a whole lot. To say that they are ’crisp’ is an understatement. Klipsch uses very mediocre drivers. Crisp is a good way to describe that tweeter.....Lol. I wonder if anyone who likes Klipsch has ever heard a g... 
Capacitor Size
Larger is always better......why is that in question? 
Has anyone heard the new North American products preamp and amp?
Way too much jabbering.......upgrade the capacitors in your speaker's crossovers, and be done with it.  
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
Quit yakking, and go listen to your system. 
Speakers that are very accurate sounding but don't produce an emotional connection.
But, my feelings might be a bit different, if it were possible to actually hear some of the speakers that have my attention, such as Harbeth or Devore 0/96.  Being that this is such an expensive hobby/passion, I ain't laying down the money to purc... 
Retired audiophile?
For me, I too am extemely happy with my system, at leas the electronics, and my new passion has become learning as much as possible about loudspeakers, and DIY, while applying that to learning about 'sound' that way.  I am very much done with the ... 
Speakers that are very accurate sounding but don't produce an emotional connection.
As with all audio 'chat', it may be interesting, but trying to explain your nervous system, and how it 'sums up' to your perceptions, is kind of folly.  But, in the spirit of audio chat, my recent drastic improvement in my system, to the point whe... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Strauss, they are wonderfully non-fatiguing. Warm, reasonably defined, but simply too warm--dark to me-- to get me excited. I love them, but just not enough.....sadly.