Need cartridge advice for Supratek preamp

I recently came back to analog after many years of having a digital-only front end. My knowledge of analog systems is therefore sorely lacking at this time, although my enthusiasm for listening to my old record collection again is very high.

Last month I purchased a Supratek Syrah preamp with phono stage (similar to the Supratek Chenin which replaced it) and an Oracle Delphi V turntable with Rega 300 arm. What cartridge do you recommend that I buy? I'd like to keep the cost of the cartidge under $350.00 or so, but I'm flexible in that regard.

According to the Supratek owner's manual:

***The phono section is designed to handle low output moving coil cartidges. Moving magnets will generally not be suitable without modification, although lower output MM's may be okay depending on your system.

The cartridge input range is 0.1mV to approx. 2.5 mV.
Next to the phono input is a 4-way slide switch for cartidge loading values - from the top down are 47 kOhm, 1 kOhm, 100 Ohms, 10 Ohms.***

Because I purchased the Supratek partly in response to the favorable threads here at Audiogon, I thought that perhaps someone here could assist me on the cartridge choice.

Many thanks in advance for your input -- I greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions.

I've owned a Syrrah for a few years--have had good success with the 2 cart's I've owned in that time:
Shelter 501 mk II & Benz Micro L2.

So I've gone to the 400 mV kind of range with good luck. Don't know what experiences others have had.

Happy listening,
Hello West99,

I used to use a Dynavector 20XL low output cartridge with my Syrah. It worked pretty well. I have since replaced the Dynavector with a ZYX Yatra. This is a much better cartridge and shows off the phono stage of the Syrah better. I have recently bought the Supratek Cortese and the ZYX works great with it too. There are many things to look at with system synergy, so I can only convey my own experience. I do not recommend using a MM cartridge with the Supratek as the gain of the pre is quite high. If you decide to look into a ZYX contact Mehran at Sorasound. ZYX has a full line of cartridges at many price points. Mehran can help you with that. Good luck on your search. You have an excellent preamp in the Syrah. Enjoy!
I use a Syrah with an Oracle/Syrinx/zyx airy and a Linn Sondek/Kuzma arm and Koetsu Black.
Both work well but I prefer the healthier output of the Koetsu with the Syrah.
I have used Benz Micro Glider L2s which sound fine with the Syrah.
The Benz ace (medium output 0.8mV)might be a good choice with the Rega arm, just above your budget but a lot of cartridge for the money.
I have no problem with the advice you've already been given (though I personally do not care for any of the Benz cartridges I've heard), but it would be a terrible shame to limit yourself to spending $250 on the cartridge, when you've bought yourself such a great phono front-end. There are some real bargains in MM cartridges (see the relevant thread) that do cost less than $250, but, as you state, the Supratek will evidently have too much gain for any of these and may be overloaded as well by their high output voltages. As far as loading goes, the rule of thumb is that all MMs will like 47K ohms. Some HOMCs will also be OK with that load. LOMCs will generally sound best with lower input impedances, because they tend to have a very low output impedance. In the end, it's a matter of taste.
I'm a Syrah owner. There is no silver bullet cartridge for the Syrah - just find one under 2.5mv that matches well with the Rega arm. Dynavector, Denon and Benz would all work well.