Outstanding 5.1 pre/pro with comp. video switch'g

Looking for an outstanding 5.1 pre/pro with excellent component video switching. Doesn't necessarily have to be a great 2 channel preamp as I am purchasing a nice 2 channel tubed preamp. I currently have an arcam av8 pre/pro which is 7.1 ch. with all the bells and whistles but I don't use them. All thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. My speakers are the piega c8ltd ribbon hybrid speakers, which are stereophile class a rated. Thanks.
Audio Refinement Pre 2, all the Mcintosh control centers - they are pricey however.

Audio Refinement Pre 2, all the Mcintosh control centers - they are expensive however.

The Pre2 doesn't have component video switching.

If you are looking for a straight 5.1 pre pro, I recommend the Anthem AVM2. It sounds virtually identical to the AVM 20 and AVM 30 but is only 5.1 and lacks DPL II. They can be found at a steal at $900 or so on this website. I have owned tons of pre pros over the years including the AVM 20 and AVM 30 and have always regretted selling the AVM2. It was far easier to use and setup in comparison to the later models.

If you like the Arcam sound, why not purchase an Arcam AVR300 receiver and use that as a pre pro. Used they go for approx. $1500 - $1650 here and sound great as well. It also looks and performs virtually the same as the Arcam AVP700 without the HDMI switching. I have owned this as well and liked it quite a bit.

Another choice would be to pick up a great sounding older pre pro from the likes of Proceed (AVP), Lexicon (MC-1), Meridian (561), Aragon (Soundstage) or Krell (HTS) and purchase a separate component video switcher from the likes of Video Storm etc. I did this last year and now never run any component video through my pre pros. The Video Storm learns my system remote buttons (not the other way around like every other switcher) and as such switches seamlessly, just as if it was my actual pre pro doing the switching.

Hope that helps.
I use a denon 3805 and it is awesome. I know it is a receiver but they can be had for about $600 and it does 7.1 dolby ex dts etc.... You could use the 2805 since you do not need the amps.
Markusp, I didn't know you could get a separate component video switcher. That is great news. I think some of the older units will be the path I take. Do you have a favorite? I used to own an anthem av2 but sold and bought the arcam. I enjoyed it too but the arcam is much better in my opinion, especially as a preamp through the stereo direct inputs. Tim
I agree with Markusp. I have an Anthem AVM-2. You won't need a 2 channel pre with this.
My other choice would be B&K.
Krell HTS is as clean and detailed as you'll ever get for pcm and 5.1dd/dts...has broadcast quality component video switching too!
TWC - any of the above mentioned pre pros will sound great but I am partial to the Meridian 561 and the Lexicon MC-1. Since you weren't pleased with the Anthem AVM2 and want better music performance, I think your best bet would either be the Proceed AVP (amazing stereo bypass) or again the Meridian 561.

As for the component video switch, there are a number of solutions out there but the best one I have used is found here: http://www.video-storm.com/

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

I recently went from an Aesthetix Calypso to a Bel Canto Pre/Pro when I integrated my two systems, and it is surprisingly good in 2 channel as well as being superb as a 7.1 processor, and the tft screen, while not necessary is pretty cool and makes setup changes a breeze.