I know this is a cables forum but PC's are heavily discussed here and I think the outlet is also important so I felt this is the best place to ask.....

I am deciding between the Oyaide R1 and a PS audio Power port premier.

Does anyone have any experience comparing the two and what were your impressions?

I have read about those and the Furutech's, Wattgate's and Shunyata outlets and get a lot of different opinions, but can always use more to make an informed decision.

I am using a Shunyata Python CX to my Power Plant Premier and then feeding the system from the PPP.

If you feel one of the others is better than the two I have narrowed it down to please tell me why and I will consider trying one of them.


I have tried both and much prefer the Hubbell 8300H( Porter Port). The Hubbell is much less expensive as well. Albert sells them for $36.00/ea. IMHO, of course.
I second the Porter Port I had amazing results with it. On my system it was like I had a major component change.It was as if someone lifted a blanket off the entire system.
Don C.
I also prefer the Porter Port to the R1 but the ultimate is the Synergistic Research TeslaPlex. See my review:


You can have a Porter Port ($36) AND a TeslaPlex ($95) for less than the price of a R1 ($145). Easy decision.
Another vote for Porter Ports
Dlcockrum, thank you for your response and the link to your evaluation of outlets. I wonder if there is a synergy thing involved do to using the Tesla power cords in combo with the Teslaplex. I tried a T3 in my system and found the highs and mids to be some of the best I have heard in my system.

I wonder if I should try the Power port premier to blend with the PPP or the SR-Z1 to go with the Python. Now I want to try a Teslaplex and hope to get those clean highs and smooth mids I was hearing with the T3.

Maybe I should just go with a porter port. It seems like it is the most basic and uncolored out of the bunch.

How well does the porter port grip the cords?
I second the Synergistic Research TeslaPlex. I have two of them, one running my S.R Precision Reference power cord to my QLS power strip, the other powering my subwoofer cords. One word."AWESOME"...

The Porter Port does a fine job of gripping. Not as much grip as the R1, which I find to be overkill and I worry it will damage the plating on the prongs on my $$$ power cords.

If you liked the T3, you should definitely try the Teslaplex. Many SR dealers will offer you one on trial. If you want the name of a great SR dealer, email me.

For $36, the Porter Port is a no-brainer, even if used as a base-line to evaluate power cords and other receptacles. Albert Porter is a fine man and he has a right to be proud of the Porter Port.
I got the best results from an Oyaide SWO-GX and a Furutech 15 amp gold plated.
When I had my power plant premier, I used a PS Audio Power port in my system. This is a very good outlet and worked better than a R1. The R1 is too hi-fi'ish and changes the sound in a way I did not like. I used the Teslaplex with the PPP and preferred it over the other two. Really opened up the soundstage and allowed images to float. Plus it worked great with any power cord I used. Go with the Teslaplex.

Your comment about the T3 is different to when I tried it on my PPP. I found the bass to be excessive and the highs to be recessive. There is a perfect example on system dependent.
I really wanted to like the T3 PC in my system. I did extensive listening sessions with it and tried to not evaluate the cord but just listen and felt that the bass was missing a little bit of the body that I like so much.
Krell has this prominent bass that produces the notes clearly with amazing punch behind them.

The more I think about it the more I want to try the Teslaplex for the source outlet.
I have tried quite a few outlets in my system(s) from all the Oyaide outlets including the R1, PS Audio PP down to the Arrow Hart's and have to say that the Oyaide WPC-Z wallplate mounting system is an essential part in dropping the noise floor and allowing the outlets to really be heard for what they offer.

With system dependance being a huge factor in the outcome of how each outlet could be characterized, the Oyaide R1/WPC-Z has smoked all other outlets in sheer musicality. The PS Audio PP have a much tighter bass but their foward mids and prominent grainy highs held it back. The Arrow Harts do not even begin to compete. They are however, better than the .79 cent outlets that usually come stock in homes.

I have not tried a Porter Port and from the comments posted here, I just might to see how it stacks up against the R1. As to the SR Teslaplex, I don't share the enthusiasm that others do as I was able to hear it head to head in a setup that allowed almost instant outlet changeout in a high resolution system and compared to the R1, it lacked the sheer musicality of the R1 and it also cast what could be descibed as a "haze" over the music. The soundstage also shrank by a small degree with the Telsplex which I found quite odd. Of course, others who have installed the Teslaplex in their systems are more than happy with the results so again, system dependancy is highly at play here and it may not have been fully broken it at that time. I plan to revisit the Teslaplex in my own system here in the future and will report out what I find.

The Teslaplex does take a few days to brake in. At least 3. It sounds closed in at first and then opens up beautifully. It does not sound its best right out of the box.
If you have some sort of surge protection between the outlet and the component, does that mean that the quality of the outlet is less important? I live in a heavy thunder storm area (lots of big booms). I'm getting some sort of whole-house surge protection, which will be before the outlet, but I'm still wondering whether these posts assume that the component is connected directly to the outlet, without any intervening surge protection.
You will not be completely protected against surges and distant lightning strikes with just a whole house protector. You will also need something in front of your electronics, or unplug them every time there is a threat. Unless you are able to claim them under insurance, you will have to buy a surge protector for the electronics. There is controversy about the effect on the sound. I figure I would rather have some effect of the sound than dead electronics. I am not always home when the storms come. How much effect depends on the surge unit you buy. There will be lots of opinions on this topic. The type of outlet you use will be a part of the continuum from electricity entering your house, to the sound coming out of your speakers. I doubt it will be the deciding factor, but that's just my skepticism.
What is the general opinion here on the Shunyata SR-z1 outlets?

I am pretty much decided on going with either those or Porter Ports.

Have not had good experiences with Oyaide or PS Audio stuff.
I've also gone through the PS Audio and Oyaide stuff. All added colorations that took away from the naturalness of the music. I've not heard the Shunyata, but the Porterport Hubbells let the music flow as naturally as possible. Bettering them for neutrality you'd have to hard-wire your power cords directly to the wall conductors from your breaker box and your home insurance wouldn't cover that route if you had an electrical fire.
Speaking of hard wiring, I hard wired/soldered the power cord of my high current balanced power transformer to the romex cable at the wall and it was a revelation and showed just how much that ALL outlets degrade the PRaT and sound quality.

I left it that way for a few weeks but the thought of not being able to quickly disconnect the unit from the wall in case of an emergency forced me to reinstall an outlet and AC plug and that led me to try different outlets and AC plugs and it was the Oyaide SWO-XXX/WPC-Z/Oyaide P-079 that came the closest to no outlet at that time and when the R1 was introduced, the R1/WPC-Z took that even closer. Of course, these results were in my system and one should NOT expect the exact same results in their system.

Oyaide outlets and plugs really do need to be used together as they form a very synergistic match when mated and of course one can "season to taste" the sound quality one is looking for by mixing and matching the outlets/plugs.

My interest is still piqued on the Porter Port though...

I ended up ordering some Porter Ports. They are non plated and they are cryoed. I am hoping they will just get out of the way and not have there own sound to them. All I have to judge them against is the home depot outlet that is in there but we will see....
Hey Relentless! How are those Porter Ports sounding ?