Out of Print SACD

Hi Folks,I am trying to find a copy of an out of print SACD and was curious as to whether anyone had a copy that they would sell?
The SACD is on the Everest/Vanguard Classics label and the number is VSD 512. It contains music by Villa-Lobos,"Little Train of the Caipina", and Antill,"Ginastera"'. among other composers. The conductor is Eugene Goossens.
Thanks, Carter
Good luck finding it for a cheap price. Theres one on Amazon and it's going for 125.00.
I may have it--I'll check my collection tonight.
I'm looking for a replacement for Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed" (DSD/SACD) which a repair technician "lost".
I have the box to remember it by...
I do have it, it's even sealed. Do you want it for the SACD layer, or just CD? Anyway, please contact me, I'd be willing to sell it if you're interested. By the way, Classic Records released part of this disc as a 24/96 DAD, which I have as well.