Blue Print Circuts Design Plan for Sansui-1500 AR

From: Samuel Frankel
I own an old and excellent Sansui Integrated Amplifier Model AR - 1500. It is old but over 160 RMS Watts. Both channels driven 20 to 20,000 Hz. I need to repair it. and the technician would like to have the circuits design plan or "The Circuit Plan" for this model. Can you kindly help me in finding the agent either in USA or Japan who can sell the Circuits Plan for this model many thanks in advance. It is an old over 10 yeas since 1989 or 1990 model and it comes with these additional models:
1. Tuner T-700
2. Equalizer SE-300
3. Double Tape Deck: D70 BW
4. CD V-350 CD player.
If you can I also get the Circuits Design for 1-4 above I shall greatly appreciate it as well. But the 1500AR is of utmost priority as it needs repair now.!!!
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