Most impressive small footprint speaker

Curious:  What is the most impressive small footprint/small-modest height/full-range/cost-no-object speaker you've enjoyed?    

Joseph Audio Perspective.

It's known for being a "holy cow I can't believe that sound is coming out of that little foor-stander" speaker.
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This is a bizzare post, you talk about size as well as possible cost no object, Some of the uber high end loudspeakers which are stand mounts are small but not necessarily as tiny as lets say a Proac tablette.

So if we were to create a list based on price ranges:

Class A:

Tad ME1
Vimberg Amea, (haven’t heard this model but heard other Vimbergs)
Other similar compact exotics with very high end drivers

Class B:

Kef Ref 1
Focal Sopra 1
Paradigm Persona B
Dynaudio C1
Joseph Audio

Class C:

Harbeth Compact 7

Class D:

Kef R
Quad Z2
Proac Tablettes
Dali Mentor Minuet

Class E:

Dali Oberon
Kef LS 50
Quad S2
Paradigm Premier
PSB Imagine Mini

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor

Audiotroy, all you've done is list a bunch of speakers in order of price and assumed without good reason that the performance varies in the same order. 
Actually no we sell many on that list and have heard the others.

There is no best here lots of good choices
Falcon LS3/5a is the most faithful reproduction of the original BBC mini-monitor. Stands required, of course! Read Art Dudley's review of it and several others in a recent Stereophile. A true desert island speaker!
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Yes, I do have a pair of Rogers LS3/5a's 11 ohms (39269A, 39269B). 
You should check out Spendor. They make outstanding floorstanders with a small footprint. I have owned them and always found them very enjoyable!
Monitor Audio Studio,
and Proac Loudspeakers are very dynamic as well as musical as in natural sounding. Excellent value per dollar I own both after a Lot of comparison testing  .
Harbeth P3ESR – outstanding.
I recently picked up a used pair of Spendor S3/5's. In my small 13x9 listening room they are absolutely addictive. They disappear,throw a wonderful 3D soundstage. Way better bass than I would have ever thought reading their specs. 
 It is whatever sounds good to your ears with you system. Bang for the buck....Harbeth 30.1.
WaveTouch Audio Grand Teton or Antero - the equal of the best out there at a bargain price.

Proac Response D2 - truly magical / majestic / holographic sound with the right tube amplifier (e.g. Line Magnetic 518ia, etc.).

Legacy Audio Calibre - phenomenal resolution, sound quality and soundstage.

Gamut RS3i - as good as it gets... but... at a price.

Any of these when coupled with the right electronics will equal or beat any of those offered by AudioTroy
Do you have an "unlimited budget?"  If not what is the purpose of this exercise?  Regardless "most impressive" is a personal judgement. 
Dynaudio Special One
+1 Spendor. I choose the A7 over the D9. 
Magico A3
Paradigm Persona 3F
Vivid Kaya 45

I could live with any of the 3 floor standers (almost full range) listed above.

I have not heard the Focal Kanta 2
I'll second the WaveTouch Audio Antero; and just slightly below that the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2.
Buchardt S 400s about the size of a shoe box with incredible sound.
jackd - "Cost no object" is exactly what I meant.  Some of my favorite, albeit rare, audiophile experiences have been what some might refer to as “blind shootouts.” Not just A/B sessions with similarly priced, similarly designed audio components, but true variety pack shootouts between significantly varied designs and price points. These experiences have been healthy cleansing reminders for me to avoid listening with my eyes (or my wallet), and keep my ears on the music. In the May issue of Enjoy the Music, Roger Skoff offered a candid explanation as to why each of us is ultimately the “expert” when it comes to defining the two primary determinates of audiophilia: “What’s good?” and “How can you tell?” The common response to this of course is one most of us have heard countless times: What do your ears tell you?  The clarity of this response lies in the inherent subjectivity of audiophilia, that each of us has a formed opinion as to what the end-game in musical sound reproduction should be. Sure, we might all agree that a common denominator would include an accurate representation of the recorded event from every possible sonic parameter.  Still, there’s that sub quotient to the equation whose formula is deeply personal and can only be known to the listener, who, upon hearing it, recognizes it instantly. Audio personality is what makes this crazy infatuation go-round.  So, to answer the question, "What is the purpose of this exercise?"  I'm simply curious what speaker designs caught the EARS of fellow audiophiles as truly impressive, without the baggage of $, eye candy, or other distractions.  I could have let it go at that, but was curious specifically to floor standers w/ a small footprint.  
Totem Mani II signature, Model 1 signature, Usher Mini-X, BE-718

3. Totem

Epos M16i. Small footprint? Check. Dimensions: 35.4" (885mm) H by 7" (175mm) W by 8.4" (210mm) D (without grille). Full Range? Pretty close. 2 1/2 way down to 20 KHz. Cost no object? Absolutely not! I’m fortunate to have the space for a number of speakers. If I ever have to downsize these will be the ones I keep.

Smallest footprint that impressed me was a Totem model (I never got to ask which one) I heard at a show. I was literally looking around for the source of the sound because I couldn't believe those diminutive towers could produce such prodigious sound.

Laufer Technik's The Note speakers are definitely the coolest new entrant in the lean profile, profile. I look forward to listening soon.
Tyler Acoustic Highland H3. Small footprint full range. Very dynamic. Sounds great at all volumes easy to drive. Will embarrass most of what is listed above. for the money.
Note the "full-range" requisite folks.

Spendor A4s - amazing for the price and size. Haven’t heard the A7s but I’m sure they’re excellent as well.
The Dynaudio Special 40 are stunning speakers for the size.  Incredible imaging.
Totem Mani-2
Platinum Solo
AAD 2001/2002

but all need really monster amp
Spendor A2/A4/A7: each excellent sounding at their price points and as move up thru them just get more of that great and phenomenally acclaimed Spendor sound.

Then you get to Spendor D7 which are in altogether different league imo due in part to the LPZ tweeter that Spendor designs and makes in house along with many cabinet and flow port improvements. Stereophile class A rated for 5 yrs and universally acclaimed across all of the review mags.

Just amazing sounding speakers and what I purchased after a several month exploration quest that saw me audition nearly 20 different speakers in the 3k-10k price range, up to Bowers 804d3 at 9 or 10 k in price.

Bowers & Wilkins, Vanddrsteen, Paradigm, Focal, Dynaudio, Goldenear, Rega, Martin Logan, Magnepan, Linn, Kef, and Spendor.
I listened to all and when possible multiple models within brand lines and not for 3-4 minutes but typically sittings of 20-30 minutes to over an hour.

Lots of good options but for me the Spendor D7 was the one, and it wasn’t particularly close. Ymmv

Small footprint per your requirements.

not quite full range but listen and audition in home if you can. I pair mine with REL S5 sub, but quite often I ask myself now after several months of ownership and many hundreds of hours of listening whether the REL was even needed. I think I could have been completely happy just with the D7’s and no sub. 
PMC Twenty 21/22. Small footprint , large presence, great detail.
The Meadowlark Shearwaters were a great, small footprint floor stander. The still-current Living Voice are certainly candidates.
MAGICO A3s best sound and built quality.
truman - Agreed.  Once upon a time I owned both a pr of these as well as Ospreys.  Pat's designs and quality were truly exceptional.  

Zellaton, Magico mini
i had the same requirement without the "Cost-no-object" option. And I chose the Proac Tablette Signature.
Hi Curious and Folks,
Owning Salk Veracitys (<other posts have details) and being an admitted cone-head, one small floor-stander 2-way I could easily live with are decade old Josephs heard with so-so vinyl (not a fan of the Rega1) a lousy Marantz cdp (ditto) with a post-Anniversary McIntosh MC275 amplifier.<fan  The setting was an impromptu listen in a tiny hi-fi shop in Bangor, Maine with speaker placement squeezed amongst other speakers.  Yes, the bass was wonky (the port is tune-able with a plug) and the sources not so great, however, there was honesty and greatness in those little floor-standers.  Sorry, I don't recall the model but full retail was $3k.  If I needed a small floor-stander for my little dedicated studio, a winner!  More peace, Pinthrift  
Well, how long is a piece of string?  Putting a Wilson Audio WAAM in a small study will sound awful.  Putting an LS3/5a in a huge auditorium will be inaudible.  

Context, context, context.
MBL 120 Radialstrahler. Nothing comes close to the imaging this little baby produces. Surprisingly solid bass too. Price tag isn't small though.  
The little Kef LS50 continues to impress... Stereophile (Class A - Restricted Extreme LF)
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