OUCH My Dynaudio's have crashed....

After years of building and tweaking my system to my own sonic orgasmatron, my speakers have gone kablooey. The Dynaudio 2.8's are perfect for my room size, my and my wife's ears, and a beautiful match for all my gear. It seems the crossovers or the voice coils got damaged in a series of accidental out of sequence turning off/on of my tube pre and ss amp....dc voltage can do some serious damage.

My system is pretty dialed in to our liking at this point, so I am send them in to Dynaudio USA for a once over and repair estimate, but my fear is peaking the expense of their repair will be way beyond their worth....What should I think of replacing them with?!

My system is detailed here on a-gon:

My room is an untreated 14x16 ft. space with 9 foot ceilings in a turn of the century (last century!) victorian. I listen to alernative rock and alt country, jazz, acoustic, classic rock, reggae, etc. no metal, electronica, classical. (Just saw Neko Case at the Egg in Albany and am convinced she was abducted by aliens and infused with a voice to hypnotize earthlings... but i digress...)

The speakers need to be comfortable pretty close to the back wall...2 feet or so. The Dynaudio 2.8's are a closed box passive woofer system....pretty nice for that application..

Maybe some Special 25's and a sub? I love the sound and look of Sonus, but I fear they're not so great match with my gear...and they need to be out in the room. Harbeth? Man oh man. Any suggestions are appreciated. And, any place in the NY/CT/MA area to listen to suggestion would also be great. About 5k on the used market is my absolute limit for expense...

Thanks for you help!
Ariel 7B -- I have the 9's but they like more room from the back wall.

Linn's like the back wall and the newer ones rock pretty hard. I have Ninkas in a 2d system and they are pretty cool. The newer model is even better.

I wouldn't get Sonus speakers in your situation. The best I've heard them is when they are way out in the room.

If you want to be shocked and keep life cheap, there's a pair of Soliloquy floorstanders somewhere in upstate NY. I had some early Soliloquy speakers and they kick butt in every possible respect. I think the seller was asking $700 because they are a bit marked up. Buy these and save money until you can buy the new speakers you want.


Wow, that's too bad, I had a pair of 2.8's a long time ago and had to replace the tweeters. I think that was close to a grand. Good luck, when I dealt with Mike he was a pretty nice guy.
The reviewers are saying that the C1's are better than the Special 25's and you don't need a sub. BUT they are $6000.00! Have you listened to a pair of Thiel 2.4's? They sound great, but I don't know about their sweet spot and two listeners.
I'm not familiar at all w/Dynaudio. Have you considered Totem Acoustic?...Forests to be specific. Distance from wall would work for you (in my opinion). Also, well within your price range. Best wishes finding repairs or a replacement.
Am I missing something? You love the Dynaudio's, your room likes them, your gear likes them and even your wife likes them. Why would you even consider anything else - you've found it! Get a used pair of 2.8's or their current equal and be done with it.
You should be able to troubleshoot where the problem likely lies without shipping - presumably the sound is bad if you connect the speakers normally, so see if you can figure out how to open the cabinet to get to the drivers. Assuming you can (and I believe a call to Dyn would set you in the right direction) you can touch the leads from the amp that would normally go to the binding posts, to the posts on the individual drivers (low volume of course). If you get sound from the drivers, then they aren't blown and you likely have a problem in the crossover. If the drivers are blown, then you should be able to get the exact driver you need to acquire, and either buy it on ebay or directly from Dyn.

If you believe that direct current was applied to the speaker, you probably blew something in the x-over. In any case, if you call Dynaudio, they should be able to give you a reasonable quote for each driver, for replacing the x-over, and for shipping. They're very easy to work with.
Budburma, anybody can tweak your virtual system with the link you provided. Might want to change that. I know the majority of the people here aren't like that, but...
Now youll see a companys integity.Dyns are great speakers...but they took over a month and a half to repair my dyn 1.3 ses.Claimed speaker was faulty.Cabinet came back scratched like a mother*%$#@.I was pissed cause i babied these things.There is life after dynaudios.I have tried the forests after the 1.3ses and 52 ses.Was very impressed by the clarity and imagery,scale too.Did end up with adagios...after all that im very happy with them.They sound great.Im a working musician,Jazz,latin,rb...they sound pretty darn good to my ears(imho).
Thaks, all good advice. I have been in touch with Dynaudio and we came to it likely being the crossovers. I am going to ship them out tomorrow to the hefty tune of 130 bucks or so. With any luck, they will be repairable (by them, I am and electrical knucklehead and happy to admit it) and not greak the bank.

Fun to think about new gear though....The c1's look sweet, I'll have to see how far away the soliloquy's are hiding (since that is a sweet deal either way!) and find a place to hear the ariel's.....

The 2.8's are pretty special speakers in my system...

Sorry about your speakers and well I don't have any great suggestions for you but sure do like your system and taste in music. Lucky you with Neko!!

best of luck.
I wouldn't use the S25 or the C1 (or 1.4s for that matter) in that small of a room. They have big bass ports in back, and will have big problems being only 2feet out into the room.
Bud...bud...bud...er..ah Art...Art...Art...
I'm very sorry to read about your problems, though hopefully they can be fixed for relatively limited $$$. If indeed it is the crossovers, perhaps you can use this as an opportunity. I know you love the Rapture's, however, is there a chance you can replace the caps with VH-caps? Maybe Steve can send you some internal wiring for the 2.8's as well. Look at it as an opportunity to turn your 2.8's into MONSTER'S!!!

JJJJOHN! Caps with VH-caps? VenHaus-caps? What a great idea! I don't know if Steve would be into it, but I'll have to check! He says he doesn't do mods, though....

Digsmithd-Dynaudio did say that it would take a month or so to get the crossovers from Denmark...I don't baby my stuff too much, but would certainly hope for good workmanship.
--Totem forests? they were on my list at one time. Do you mean the Acoustic zen Adagios? never put much thought towrds them, but i defintely take a working musician's word seriously.

Good points about the rear ports. I just got a pair of triangle cometes for my bedroom for that reason....front ported.

My muaic has been slowly toning down over tyears....not so much dinosaur junior anymore while the be good tanyas and iron and wine seem to find their way to the platter more and more often. wilco, uncle tupelo, whiskeytown and steve earle are persistent and perrenial.....
ITball-ok, you're right on spot.....only the modern equivalent is too big for my wife's liking at close to 5 feet tall....and i believe they are all rear ported without the palcement benefit of the portless passive diaphragm arrangement on the 2.8's.
WOW-Someone erased my entire virtual system. That is almost damn discouraging and disillusioning. My bad interactions here have been exceedingly minimal, but i guess there is always someone trying to ruin everyone else's good will. NO GO HOMBRE! I still love it here on a-gon and can always re-enter it. So, to you, piss off. go fill your pablum bottle, take a long drink and dream of growing up.
so there it is, my system is back up...no worries, no problems.