Is it just me or has Quboz crashed?

Since late last night Quboz has not been playable.
Even worse this morning as it shows all my favourite albums have gone. Not just on one device either.
So is it Quboz in general or just they have decided they hate me!
Agreed David!
I Guess I can not complain on a free trial too much , however I hope it is not a sign of times to come.
It does appear to be back online now.
+1  Is also still (honestly) presented as "Public Beta" ... hiccups, to be expected.
I just had a small hiccup a few hours ago. Streaming 'timed out', and I couldn't load new album/tracks. I could load favorites.
Seems to be okay now.
I now have a paid subscription, yet to experience any hiccups with the service 🤞
I'm on the beta (in the U.S.) and I have glitches such as some HR albums play at 16/44.1 along with some of the newer releases (especially Chandos) only have 30 seconds of each track. What I'm hearing is that these go away once you are on full subscription.

I hope.
Actually Deezer suffered the exact same issue of sporadically playing just 30 seconds of each track instead of the full track.
When I finally got a response from Deezer support, they suggested clearing the cache.

Now it did seem to work but not something that was ever an issue with Tidal.

Hope Quboz is not going to need the same regular cache cleaning.
FYI .. the Qobuz outage was reportedly due to a DOS attack. Apparently wreaked havoc across their service. All seems well now.