Pioneer Elite BDP-33FD upgrade crashed my unit

I received a message on my Pioneer Blu Ray player saying the firmware software needed to be updated. I started the firmware update via the Internet. After fifteen minutes of running, the unit said the firmware update failed. I re-booted everything (including the modem and router) and started again and received the same message. I downloaded the firmware update from the Internet and copied it to a flash drive. This also failed since the Blu Ray player does NOT accept more than one file on the flash drive. It seems there is a hidden folder on the flash drive. Pioneer Customer Support advised me to use a PNY Flash drive so I purchased one. It also failed for the same reason (hidden folder). I was unable to delete the hidden files from any of the 4 flash drives I used including the PNY flash drive.

I then copied the firmware software update to a DVD and inserted the DVD into the Blu Ray player. It stopped working after 45% of the install was completed.

I reported these problems to Pioneer Customer Support today. They suggested I return the two year old unit to their Support Center to determine the problem. The initial charge would be $80 plus the costs to repair the unit. I also discussed this with Best Buy Geek Squad (no charge) and they said it sounded like a software or hardware problem since the firmware upgrade methods did not work (Internet, Flash drive or DVD). The Geek Squad recommended I buy a new unit.

It makes no sense to repair my two year old Pioneer BDP-33FD so i purchased the Sony BDP-S790 for $250. It has more features than the Pioneer and I like it.

Has anyone else had problems with their Pioneer Elite BDP-33FD software firmware update?
BluRay in general is crap handed to us on a stick.
This sort of problem is one of the main reasons I never bought a BluRay player. They suck.
I remember all the players at the dealer did not work. Gee, just need a minor software upgrade.. (Yeah, So why did they not do the 'easy upgrade'?)
Sorry to threadcrap, but this is an issue the companies refuse to take responsibility for. Then the fact new BluRay titles will nto work unless you upgrade... and forget it. Way too much screwing around.
I have not had it with pioneer, but have had issues with other things. It's not just bluray BTW. I have several things that are "due" for upgrades. If I'm not having problems, I don't do it. Sometime they work, sometimes not. In some cases, the reason the stores don't do it is because they are not always available at time of sale.
Well, Liz, my 3 year old Oppo BDP-93 has always worked like a champ. And I am glad to have Bluray playback capability in addition to all of the other disc formats the Oppo supports. And the firmware updates have quite painless to do.

So don't condemn ALL Bluray players, there are some very good ones out there...

All of my digital equipment have gone through some kind of SW upgrade over the years and I have had no problems. I have upgraded with CD's, memory sticks and DB9/USB serial port connection.
Check if there is a way to upgrade via CD. There usually is, copy the file to your computer then burn to CD, this kind of upgrade is usually fool proof. There can be timing issues via internet upgrades. I have not had and issue but my nephew did and this is how he fixed it.
Hevac1: Thanks for the suggestion. I already tried copying the firmware upgrade to my computer and then to a CD. It stopped working after 45% of the install was completed. I tried this method twice using two different disks and got the same result.

Pioneer Customer Support said it sounded like a software or hardware problem since the firmware upgrade methods did not work (Internet, Flash drive or DVD). The Best Buy Geek Squad recommended I buy a new unit. The cost to repair is too high.

It is very disappointing that a two year old Pioneer player stopped working after attempting a software upgrade. I will notify Pioneer Support and see what they have to say. Stay tuned.
Check the warranty, I believe all Pioneer Elite warranties are at least 2 years, 5 in most cases. For what itÂ’s worth I have a Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD and it has always performed superbly, one of the best Blu-Ray players out there IMHO, not bad on Red Book CD also. Never had a problem updating the firmware via internet or CD.
As noted above, I emailed Pioneer Customer Support today notifying them of these firmware upgrade issues. I know the warranty is long past but Pioneer should repair my unit for free since their firmware upgrade crashed my unit. My unit should last longer than two years. I would like to return my unit to Pioneer so they can review the unit to see what is happening so that others do not have the same problem. However, I will not pay for any repairs or shipping.

I will keep you posted.
How can you people stand this shit. Tell THEM to upgrade it! Yeah right, sure.
Check to see if there is an older version SW on the web. Try to download it to see if it fixes the current issue, then try the upgrade from CD again.
Hevac1: Thanks for the great suggestion to download the older software version. I have given up on my Pioneer BDP-33FD blu ray player and will spend no more time with it. I have already purchased the Sony BDP-S790 Blu Ray player and it is much better than the Pioneer. It is easier to use, has more features and I like it very much. Its selection of web sites is much better than the Pioneer.

As I noted above, I emailed Pioneer Customer Support yesterday notifying them of these firmware upgrade issues. They acknowledged receipt of my email but I have received nothing else. I am hoping they respond but they may not.

I also emailed my Retailer and they have not responded either.

I have been in this hobby for a long time and this is the first time a Company (or Retailer) have not responded to my request to deal with a non-working unit. I am hoping I get something in the next few days. I will keep you posted.
Pioneer emailed me that they are sorry to hear of the problem I am having with my BDP33FD. However, Pioneer does not have known issues of the bluray firmware update for the BDP33FD that can cause the bluray player to fail if performed correctly. So, at this point, they report, it sounds like there are other issues going on with my unit that require service. Because my unit is out of warranty there is an initial $80.00 evaluation fee. Depending on the issue the tech finds the total cost could just be the $80.00 or it can or may go from there depending on the problem with the unit. Either way this would include the return shipping only.

I am happy they responded. My feeling is it makes no sense to pay $80 plus shipping for Pioneer to look at my unit. While it is possible, the tech can fix the problem for $80, my assumption is the repair cost will be much higher. Since I have already purchased the Sony BDP-S970, I no longer need the Pioneer. If Pioneer can fix the unit for $80, my best guess is I could sell it for maybe $150 if I am lucky. I am going to pass on the Pioneer repair. It is disappointing the Pioneer stopped working but my Sony S790 is a much better Blu-Ray player.