Original spikes for B&W N802s...who has them?

Hello, I just acquired a pair of N802s for a second system I'm putting together. The speakers did not come with the optional spikes, but rather with just the 'ball' feet for ease of setup. I've contacted a few dealers and have been told that the original spikes are no longer available but the 'diamond' series spikes should fit. Quite pricey at $500/set though.

If anyone can direct me to a source for the original set of spikes, I would be very appreciative. TIA.
I lost one of the spikes to my Silver Signatures and B&W sent me one for free, however they did want $2,400.00 for replacement crossovers. I assume that you've already contacted them directly.

I've since replaced my spikes with AudioPoints (www.audiopoints.com) and they sound even better. May be cheaper too. They will know the size you need.

I've found B&W to go above and beyond in taking care of their customers. It sounds like you are not the original owner, if that is true owner there maybe a limited as to what they can do for you. I do know that the original owner was entitled to a pair of spikes but you had to request them. I would check and see if they are still under warranty which is 5 years on the N802. If that is the case then you maybe able to go direct to them and get a pair if the original owner didn't recieve his. Call them with the serial number they will definitely work with you.
My dealer wanted to charge me $300. I contacted B&W and they sent them for free.