Classe CA 401, CAM 350, or CA 2200 for B&W N802s?

I was wondering if anyone has heard Classe's CA 401, CAM 350s, and CA 2200 on the B&W Nautilus 802s and what their views were. A fellow audiogoner thought that the new CA 2200 is definitley superior to the CA 301 but how about the CA 401? & lets throw in the Classe Omicron dual monoblock amp in the mix aswell..

BTW, all these amps would be used with a classe CP 500 preamp.

No, but I love my CAM350 on Thiels. I would think it would be great on the 802's as well.
Any one of those amps you mentioned should be fine with the 802s. I also feel the 2200 is superior in the treble and the midrange and overall has a better sound then the 401s and the 350s only part of the freq range 401 /350s may best the 2200 is quantity of the bass ..i myself have delta series ca m400 monos driving 803Ds..
I've tried Classe CA-2200, CAM-350 and Omicron on B&W N802. The Omicron and CAM-350 is far superior in bass than the CA-2200. Omicron is only slightly better than CAM-350. I end up keeping the CAM-350.