best used amp around $2000 for B&W N802s

I am looking for a used amp in the $2000.00 range to power B&W N802. I here they take alot of watts to run, but i have also been told that 100 class a watts are better than 200 a/b watts. as most of you can tell i am new to this and could use some advice.


I'm very happy with my Classe CA-200 (newer model, same guts as CA-201). Used is about $1500, perhaps a bit more.

Despite the name (pronounced "Class A"), I don't believe these are "pure" Class A amps. They are massive and heavy, and they do produce lots of current and heat.

- Eric
Try a Nuforce8 amp they have a 30 day return at $1600. There's a link here on Audiogon. Report back to us if you decide to try.

Good Luck!
Give the Rotel RB1090 power amp (380w/ch) a listen.
There are a couple of pairs of Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblocks in classifieds here right now. Both are asking around $2,000. Don't know if you've ever auditioned Odyssey, but those would give you ~300W per channel of class A/AB goodness. Worth considering, given the reviews, etc.
Musical Fidelity A308cr Power Amp. In fact, if you could get two and vertically bi-amp, it'd be awesome!
Bryston 7B-ST mono-blocs. LOTS of power, & each unit weighs only 50 lbs, + you'd get whatever is left of the 20 yr. warranty. Don't underestimate the need for a high power/current amp with larger B&W's......
Thanks alot for all of the different options i will read some reviews and see if i can demo some of these amps.


The Conrad Johnson MF2500A would be a good choice as well. I can not comment on the sonc characteristics of class A versus A/B other than class A runs hotter and will need better ventilation.

Consider a used Mark Levinson 331 power amp which outputs 100wpc @ 8 ohms and 200wpc @ 4 ohms. You should be able to find one in excellent condition for about $2200. Use a bi-wire instead of a single wire configuration to get smoother highs and cleaner midrange.

I find the Mark Levinson 331 musical and the Bryston 7B-ST theatrical (more Hi-Fi & less musical).
I have a Threshold 400 model A amp that puts out the same 100wpc that the mark levinson 331 does. Is there much difference between the two?

I have Odyssey Extreme Monos and am absolutely delighted with the sound. Really feel as though I stumbled onto a great product, and did purchase used at Audiogon, but seller lived in adjoining city, so able to audition (!). Only quirk is that one channel occasionally (not often, and not loud, but audible) lets out some static sounding stuff, but in general the noise floor is very low. I am REEEEEEALLY picky, and even I don't think it's worth the bother to send them back to Klaus. In fact, when I upgrade my system, it will be with an Odyssey Tempest Extreme preamp (if I can get it to fit into our tiny available cabinet space), Groneberg (sp?) cables, and possibly the Odyssey Lorelei speakers. Also plan a DAC, possibly the Benchmark.
I second Krell_man with the MF A308 integrated.
Despite what people think 802's are rated at 91db sensitivity. You do not need a shitload of power for these speakers.