Original Rega Planet Question

These seem to be appearing frequently on Audiogon...is the newer version that much better?
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The original planet goes back a ways so there are lots of them out there and this may explain why they show up for sale frequently. Some thought the original to be kind of dry sounding in some systems.
The original planet was, and is, a great buy. There are a lot of them out there (and a lot of upgrade bugs). I found you have to spend a lot more to better it. Like all players it depends on how, and what you listen to; READ THE REVIEWS. Be advised, mine did not consistantly track CDR's.
As an owner of the original then upgraded to the new (my present player), thought the original is good, I can say that the Planet 2000 is better. I did a good hour comparing the two switching back and forth in the same system and the (forgive my weak grasp of jargon) bass detail, space and openness were noticeably better. A more life-like and cleaner sound; more air around the instruments and more texture to the voices.
The original planet was a big seller so there are tons of them available. I recently upgraded to a Linn Ikemi and while the Linn is an improvement, we are comparing a $3600 player to a $750 player at list. I decided to keep my planet for use in a second system rather than sell it. I've not heard the new planet, so you'll have to let your ears be the judge (as you should anyway, this is a very subjective hobby).
Does anybody have knowledge of Rega Planets or Jupiters being modded? Do they make good transports? Thanks