Origin Live cartridge setup with Wally Tractor


I just purchased a Wally Tractor Universal to use with an OL arm. The OL specs are 222.7 mm spindle to pivot, 17.24 mm overhang, effective length 240 mm. The wally tractor arc for the rega arm is 239 mm. Realizing that that there will be necessarily an error in the measurement, should I aim for a spindle to pivot distance of 222mm and use the 239 mm arc or make some other adjustment ( the next arc is for an effective length of 241 mm?

Thanks for the help

Work with the 239/222 arc on your Wally, and use the slots in the headshell to allow you to make the slight effective length and offset angle corrections.

In writing this, I assume that the OL arm has slots in the headshell and not holes ... to permit fore and aft as well as rotational adjustment of the cartridge?

There's quite a bit of discussion about these relationships over here: http://www.galibierdesign.com//phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=75

Thom @ Galibier
Yes, there are slots in the OL Silver.
Appreciate everyone's help- Illustrious ( the one I have) also has slots.