Where can I find a Wallytractor?

Any suggestions where to buy one? Thanks for your help.
Check with Wally's brother, his name is Wally too. Or better yet go to Audioasylum.com and search the Vinyl Forum under Wallytracter. If the email addresses of the posters are still current, they may be able to help you locate one.
Thanks Dekay for the tip. I checked on audioasylum.com and it doesn't look like they are available anymore.
Grand: You are welcome. If you don't want to give up search Ebay and continue to do so. Everything shows up there eventually.
I don't know where you can find a Wallytractor, however I had one and sold it. There is a better system than the Wally for setting up pivotal tonearms. My experience was with a Graham 2.0, but I am sure that the results would be similar with other high quality arms. The system I prefer is called CartAlign, (also discontinued) and came in a box with a clear cover to show off the tool. I found mine by advertising at Audiogon and Audio Shopper, and got a reply within a month. By the way, the Wallytractor model is specific to a certain arm. That is, you must have the Wally designed for the Graham if you are setting up a Graham arm. The CartAlign works on a different principal and is equally accurate on all pivotal tonearms. Best luck either way you decide to go!