Oracle Delphi Acrylic mat - Madrigal cartridge?

I just bought an Oracle Delphi MK III that came without a mat for the platter. How do I find one of these or is there one for sale among the audiogon crowd? The turntable has a dark brown or black cartridge with a big M on the front already. I don't know what brand of cartridge this is? My friend thinks this might be an old Madrigal cartridge. I need to set my phono stage properly and want to find out about its spec's, etc. What do you know about this cartridge? Any help would be appreciated.
I believe the cartridge is Monster Cable.
Big "M". Yes, it is a Madrigal Carnegie One cartridge. This cartridge was not cheap those days.....1988-1990. I have owned on of them and did not like the sound.

Cost of the cartridge was US$690 in 1988 and recommended tracking force is 1.7 grams. I do not know the output. A good guess would be.. around 0.4mv. This is a Moving coil cartridge.
Oracle Acrylic mat can be bought directly from Oracle or from a local dealer. Cost is around $100
For a mat (the new, and better mat) contact Brooklyn Audio, through the Audiogon site. They are a Oracle dealer out of Nova Scotia. I purchased both my Oracle, and a mat upgrade from them. Or contact Oracle in Quebec 1-819-868-0284 (phone) or 1-819-868-0150 (fax). It's a great table.... Enjoy!
Genesis is right about the Carnegie, but I think it has output closer to 1mv if I remember right. A friend used one directly into the phono stage of his Conrad johnson Premeir Three. The amazing thing is that this cartridge is still intact, as I remember them being very fragile and prone to suspension or cantaliever failure. I think that was their demise, most of them crapped out in no time.

The following are the specs for the Madrigal Carnegie One cartridge:

Aluminum alloy body
Micro edge line contact stylus
Beryillium cantilever with carbon fiber core and enclosed in aluminum
Weight 6.7 grams
Tracking force range 1.5 to 1.8 g (1.7g recommended)
Tracking angle 24 deg (+/- 3 deg)
Compliance 17 cu
Medium to high mass tonearm recommended
Load impedance 30 to 50K ohms
Output >0.26mV

Regards, Richard.

Thanks for the data - audiogon rules in hell! A "Carnegie" it is! As I'm originally from Pittsburgh, it seems fitting. I just ordered the mat from Audiomax and will try to get the cartridge sounding right. A friend is milling some tiptoes for the turntable and is building a granite stand for it. I hope it enables the music to flow on through. Again, many thanks.
See the Oracle website and send them a request about their acrylic mat .