I am almost ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a OPPO BDP-95. My major concern is the fan noise I have read about from other users. My listing area is on the small side and do sit close to the equipment. What other players can anyone suggest with similar features as the OPPO 95? I have been thinking about a transport and dac. Thank you for the input.
Oppo 105 has no fan. The video side of it is much better than the 95. The sound play back (CD/SACD) is -as I understand about the same may be just a small amount better if any(Minus the fan noise). I have a Modded 95 from The Upgrade Co. and like it a lot. Depending on how hot your room is to start with will effect it also. Mine comes on about the 3rd or 4th CD in a row I play. If I play it loud I do not here it when the music is playing unless I sit right on top of it. I also find that the XLR out work best for music over the HDMI out.
good luck Pete
The Oppo BDP-105 has no fan, but the fan on our 95 never bothered me. When we got the 105 we moved the 95 to our living room.

Thank you Dbphd. For what its worth I will be using it for two channel listing only. The 105 is over my budget.
Will you be using it for formats other than CD?
Cambridge bd751, no fan, fantastic player
Zd542, Yes I will be using it for streaming audio off computer (Pandora) and mp3 files and the like. I was thinking perhaps a NAD C565BEE.
I have two of these units on hand now. I have never had an issue with the fan noise from my sitting position approximately 10' from the unit. The 2nd unit I recently purchased modified by Dan Wright was deemed a bit noisy by the previous owner but my impression is the same as the other unit. Unless you are standing or sitting right next to the unit, it can't be heard unless you have the hearing of a dog. My ears are in good shape according to a check-up performed about 6 months back. On the other hand some people have more attuned senses than others. So the answer is how close are you going to be sitting next to the unit and how sensitive is your hearing?
you should have more concern with its performance when playing redbook cds.

unless you have a tube analog stage placed into the player (i.e., a mod), don't buy it.
I have auditioned the Oppo BDP 95, I have since returned it. The fan noise was not an issue for me, the fan did come on after about 4 or 5 cds. For me it was just ho hum, nothing special. I am now auditioning a Wyred 4 sound DAC 1.