Oppo 95 setup question -- complete Noob question

Ok, so this big bad boy showed up yesterday and I have it unpacked and ready to go. I read through the manual today but am a bit confused on the setup for my system.

I will use the 5.1 analog inputs to my Rotel receiver (no HDMI inputs). What do I do for audio as I want to take advantage of the good DACs, obviously. Two channel analog or do the 5.1 analog cables take care of it? I think I know the answer (2-channel analog separate from the 5.1 analog), but I want to be sure. I'll definitely need better analog cables for the 2-channel if that's the answer...

Thanks for your help on this terribly dumb question.
You would use the 2-ch. and/or the 5.1-ch abalog outputs into your Rotel. The 2-ch. setup will be using the Oppo's awesome Sabre DACS, the 5.1 side will be using their Cirrus Logic (I think) DACs. Either way, the Oppo will be doing the DAC work, the Rotel will simply be amplifying the signal...

Ok, thanks! Now it is time to browse the cable ads for some new 2-channel rca cables.
Sorry Rlwainwright that's not entirely correct! The 95 has no Cirrus dac's in it at all, only the 93. The 95 has 2 Ess sabre dac's one for the 5.1 and one for the 2 channel stereo outs! To save on cables an updated feature was added you can use the dedicated stereo FL/FR for 5.1 out put as well. to do so check to see if the option is in setup menu, if it's not you need to get the latest firmware update ( New official version released yesterday)In this configuration you get the best of both worlds for your main speakers. but know that all chaneles from the analog outs is Ess Sabre!

P.S I would highly recommened checking out the AVS forums!
I think to take full advantage of the 4 ESS Sharc 9018 chipsets you need to run XLR's for the stereo. Pretty sure I read it in a review off the Oppo website. I have the 95 myself and just received my XLR's so I will test to see.

Regards Bacardi
Bacardi, I would be intrested in you impressions of the 95 in both visual and sound, as I am thinking of buying it. Thanks.
Jdub39: I reread the manual and it did mention something about using the FL/FR outs as part of the 5.1 to get the ESS Sabre DACs, but I wasn't sure if this would work when I wanted to go to 2 channel. I guess if I select multi input on my Rotel for CD playing then it would be only fed 2 channels (no SACDs for me yet). Should work!

I'm right in the middle of hooking it up so I'll let you know once I'm done and it is all running right.
Dan_tbn12, visually the Oppo 95 for blue ray 1080P looks absolutely stunning on my 58" plasma. I think being system dependant of your HDMI, power cord, and initial set up in your player and tv. Once all set to setup disc you will find nothing more to look at than the 95 for a long while.

On the audio side I do notice alot more surround effects being noticeably pronounced than with my Oppo 83SE previously owned. I have listened to a few music cd's but haven't really been engaged as things are hectic. I have moved to a new house and I am in the midst of setting up my whole system. I will return with a more detailed answer...

Regards Bacardi
OK, been playing with the Oppo 95 for a while. I have a couple of things that I could use help with. I am not sure they aren't due to me.

1) Played "Hell Freezes Over" DVD by the Eagles. I could not get the DTS bonus track to work ("Seven Bridges Road, audio only"). Any thoughts?

2) I am now set up with 5.1 analog AND 2-channel cables. The 5.1 cables are from Blue Jeans cables (remember, I'm running a Rotel 1056 receiver and B&W LCR6 speakers (F, C, L) with B&W in ceiling surrounds in a less than ideal listening room). For the 2-channel I burned some paypal bucks on a set of jwaudio interconnect cables. I thought I'd see if "better" cables made a difference.

I set the Rotel to 2-channel mode for cd's and multi-input for dvds. My understanding is that this uses the DACs in the Oppo or am I missing them and really using the Rotel's lesser DACs? Clearly, I want to use the Oppo's DACs.

Thanks for your help and patience with my questions.
The Oppo 95 has dedicated 2 channel outputs. Use them for your 2 channel music.

I am guessing that the DTS Sound track needs to be played through the digital out.
If you use the multi input on your Rotel only for the Oppo and set the 95's dedicated stereo outs to out put FL/FR, this will insure the best of both worlds by playing back 2 channel and multi from the same outputs. This will also insure at all times your bypassing the dac's in your Rotel unless another source besides the Oppo is being used.There is no need for 7 rca cables in this setup, unless you are using the XLR stereo outs with a preamp that can accept 2 channel stereo inputs via XLR cables, 5 rca cables will do!
Thanks. I just found it odd that the analog outs had the processing done vs. digital stereo out. For example, on the Wadia ipod interface, using the analog out uses your processor's DACs while the digital out uses the $0.10 DAC in the ipod. Had me confused...
Late to the party here, but I think you've got it backwards on the Wadia interface - using the L/R analog outputs utilizes the $0.10 DAC in the Wadia, but digital out bypasses it and send it unscathed (jitter not withstanding) to the higher-quality DAC of your choice (kind of the whole point of buying the Wadia, if you ask me).
The multi channel analogue can still be used for movies. The processor should say multi channel and the Oppo will show DTS Master Audio 5.1/7.1.

Regards Bacardi
Bacardi is right however, for movie/DVD, HDMI is better, and for SACD listenning, the multi chanel analog is excellent.
@SteveAustin: yes, my brain cramped and I got it backwards. Thanks! My new Wadia ipod interface just arrived and I hadn't hooked it up yet (still haven't... ).

Regarding using the analog 5.1 vs. HDMI for movies...

The reason I use the 5.1 analog for movies is because:
1) I want the processer in the Oppo to do the decoding of the audio not my older receiver that doesn't have all the newer formats, and b) my receiver does not have HDMI inputs (or outputs for that matter!). :-)