Opinion on what power route I should go...$3000

I am in a little bit of a dilemma, I have two options both costing about the same. Music is my primary concern, I could...

a) Purchase a Benchmark DAC-1 and a high quality 2-channel amplifier, use the DAC-1 as a pre-amp and DAC connected via balanced interconnects. No remote and lack of inputs are my only concern.


b) Purchase a high end integrated w/remote however the CDP will be of lower quality.

Not sure which would yield better results.
Well, if Music is your main concern; It seems like b) is the only choice that would compromise that requirement. If not getting out of yoru chair was more important than music, I would go with b). Otherwise - a)
Anybody else have an opinion?
I'd go with A.
Take option A and add a high quality balanced preamp down the road (when you can afford it) for the remote capability and the extra inputs...
I am doing option A myself & have been for over a year. I have no complaints. I only listen to digital sources anyway so it does not bother me at all. The Benchmark is a very capable pre-amp if you are only concerned with digital sources.
You could also look at the Grace 902m. It is more money than the Benchmark, but it does come with a remote.

See John Mark's comments at Stereophile.
Option a? Then go to reflectionaudio.com and ask about Benchmark mods, then start saving up for one of his preamps.