Opinion Needed

Which would you choose for the better redbook CD playback: The Sony SCD-XA5400ES or the Krell SACD Standard Mark 3?

Thanks All
Any Audio Research.
Suggest you consider the Exemplar modded Oppo 105. Demo'd one a couple months ago and it sounded very, very nice! Passed on it since I'm now into streaming my cd library and into analog.
I would do the XA5400 and look to modwright to get the most out of the unit.

What about the Marantz sa8004?
I recently sold my 5400 to finance a computer/ipad/DAC project. I really miss it. I haven't decided which DAC I will buy to replace it, but a part of me is tempted to go back and buy another 5400.
I wouldn't buy either one. What is your system?
I've used my xa5400es for over 3 years and it has performed flawlessly. Sounds fantastic. Highly recommend
Thanks for the responses so far.

On the whole, my current system is on the analytical side of neutral and could use a splash of warmth.

What ever you get for a source, hook it into your system with a tube buffer, if it doesn't already have a tube output stage. With a name Like Tubemeister I would think I was preaching to the choir.
The funny thing about the name "Tubemeister" is that is was a mistake. I meant to type in the name "Toothmeister" as I am a dentist by profession. I am convinced it was the vision of 300B triodes dancing in my head at the time that caused it.

I do love tubes and have had them in the past, but at the moment I am all solid state.