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Rotel RCD-1072 vs Sony XA5400ES
I own both units currently and my Sony XA 5400 ES outperforms my Rotel RCD 1072, in my opinion, with redbook CDs. Especially in the treble, which is just smoother with the Sony. Now, the RCD 1072 is a fine unit and I kept mine for a backup if the ... 
Opinion Needed
I've used my xa5400es for over 3 years and it has performed flawlessly. Sounds fantastic. Highly recommend 
Thiel CS 3.7 Owners and Room Size
I have the cs3.7 speakers in a room that's 20 x 21. I have them 3 feet from the front wall and 2.5 feet in from the side walls. The speakers are 11 feet apart (center to center) and I sit 14 feet in front of them. That's where I get the best sound... 
What Turntable should I get?
I bought a used VPI Scoutmaster on the Gon and couldn't be happier. Had it for over a year now. 
Mcintosh MA6900 or MA7000
Sorry, I meant to say the MA6900 is musically sublime 
Mcintosh MA6900 or MA7000
I had the 6900 for 2 years and it is a wonderful sounding unit. I started with Monitor Audio RS6 and they sounded fantastic, then went to the Synchrony Ones and it sounded even better. The 6900 strained a little at the loudest levels ( I'm talking... 
Allman, Clapton, and Simon
The Allman cd is one of the worst recordings I've purchased. Its a shame because I really like his blues. Its so muddled I won't play it. 
Anyone listened to PSB Synchrony Ones?
They're awesome for the cost. A real bargain if you can find them on the gon. I've run them for 2 years with a McIntosh MA6900. Super midrange and highs and deep crisp bass. 
SACD player
Sony 5400 is a great idea. I compared mine to my brother's Creek Destiny CD (retails at about $2500)(we A/Bd them in his system) and it bettered it handily. I've had mine almost 2 years and it has worked flawlessly. 
John Barry & James Bond Music
Barry's music is great. Not only did he do James Bond, but check out Dances With Wolves (CD only as far as I know). Great soundtrack. I've also got the vinyl soundtrack to Walt Disney's The Black Hole, which is classic John Barry. 
Modwright sony xa 5400cd
I have the unmodified version. Did the upgrade result in appreciable improvement in the performance of the unit? Just wondering. 
If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl which ones
* Allman Brothers Live at the fillmore East* Yes close to the edge* Simon and Garfunkle Bookends* Chicago Transit Authority* The Beatles Revolver* David Bowie Let's Dance (guilty pleasure)sub for any of the above 
Luxman M02
I have the MO2 and CO2 amp and preamp and they sound fantastic. I use them as a second stereo driving JBL Athena SC99s and Boston Acoustic A100s. Vintage 70s and 80s LPs sound soooo good. The current stuff, CDs, sound great, too. I've owned them s... 
paradigm s8 vs psb synchrony one
I love my Synchrony Ones. The midrange is superb. Great bass and treble, too. And they look awesome. I run them just fine with a Macintosh MA6900(200 w per channel). I bought them based on the Stereophile review without comparing them to anything ... 
Is Sony XA-5400ES fully 'truly' balanced?
I've had a Sony xa-5400es for 7 months now and ran Audioquest King Cobra RCAs for a couple of months then switched to King Cobra XLRs and it made a noticable difference in sound through my McIntosh MA6900 and PSB Synchrony Ones. It is interesting ...