NYC Audio Show this Friday, 12 APR 2013 ?

Hello Everyone,

Just wondering who might be attending the NYC audio show from this FRI, 12 APR?

Great to discover that it is taking place at the NY Palace Hotel, just at 50th and Madison Avenue, a nicer location than previous shows near 7th Avenue.

As a New Yorker, please let me know if I can can help any of you with anything and it would be great to see any fellow Audiogoners at the show.

Best Regards,

Hi CW,
Wow is it that time already? (rhetorical)
The Waldorf Astoria show was good.
I will certainly be attending this one. Thanks for the reminder.
I had thought of wearing my Audiogon member name.
It would be nice to meet up with other Goners.
(that doesn't sound good) HA
Good chance I will be there Friday or Saturday. I'll be the guy w the muddy boots ;-)
I'll be there on Sat. This Frog would welcome a chance to meet a Swampwalker and other Agon members.
I'll post later this week, once my plans get finalized. Swampwalker's always happy to meet a talking amphibian.
I'll be there on Friday.
I will be there on Friday as well.
For those attending, post pics or thoughts for the rest of us.

Happy Listening!
I wrote some short impressions in the thread on this in the Speaker forum. (My 2 cents: I thought best of show were the Joseph Audio Pearl 3 speakers with a VPI turntable, along with Venture Audio speakers.)