Friday Night in San Francisco - SACD? Rumours?

One of my favorites. Wonder if there is a SACD mix available, and if it is any good. 

Ditto but unrelated: how good is the Rumours SACD (and which if there are different versions)?


One of my all time favorites, but I would not pay $40. backordered


Rumours, $60. seems available



@elliottbnewcombjr Is the SACD version of Friday Night really good or just another version of the (great) stereo CD? 

Ditto: Is the Rumours worth getting (over the CD)?


I would get this SACD, I own it and this is by far the best digital version. Worth every penny if you own a high quality SACD player. 


I have not heard either. I only buy SACD’s if low price, perhaps find used.

I have 2 lps of FNSF,  in terrific shape and CD version, I convince myself I prefer the vinyl.

My perception of the advantage of SACD is reduced noise floor, nearly black noise you could say, which I expect the 3 guitarists would benefit from.

Rumours, the material, words, the music, I’m not so sure it would be as big of an advantage

I'll bet the "Saturday Night in SF" SACD has outstanding sonics. The source of the recording were the original analogue tapes. It was then mixed and mastered in DSD. Al Dimeola found the tapes in his house and was involved throughout the production.

@lowrider57 @lalitk So who has heard and compared different SACD versions of FNISF (wasn't aware of the one latitk shows above). 


 Full, great story behind Saturday Night at the following:

DSD files for both Friday Night and Saturday Night available on HDTracks.  Recently purchased Friday Night after hearing Di Meola in concert and SQ is outstanding.  Saturday Night is next up.

As above-

Purchase the Impex "Saturday Night" SACD.

As for the "FRiday Night" SACD;

there are 2 copies to my knowledge. The original Single layer (1997). And a Japan copy SRGS 4512 from 1999. Both are excellent.


Happy Listening!

@jafant Thank. Will listen into the Saturday Night Live (joke) music, see if I like it as much as he Friday version. Then pick one of the suggested. 



My pleasure. The Rumours SACD as above is excellent as well.


Happy Listening!

Ordered the Saturday Night in San Francisco SACD (from Elusive Disc) to experience SACD and listen to new material of the trio. May add the Friday Night version later (there seem to be a few different versions, need to determine which mix makes the best of the SACD format.




I believe you’re in for a treat with SNSF SACD from Impex. The folks behind this project does amazing work. Please do post your feedback once you had a chance to listen. 

"there seem to be a few different versions, need to determine which mix makes the best of the SACD format": anyone has suggestions/opinions which Friday Night version makes best use of SACD? (I have and love the 'stereo' version but want to add SACD for comparison). 


I own the DSD download from Columbia/Legacy label. This is the only version I’ve heard and it sounds pretty darn good. If you can find Sony(Japan) SACD version, go for it. I read somewhere K2HD disc version was slightly superior than the SACD but you won’t that anywhere at reasonable price. The K2HD version has been discontinued. 

@lalitk The Sony (Japan) SACD currently sells for $90+, bit steep for me. Where/how can you download DSD versions of SACD (if that is a thing)? Or are you just saying that you have a high res version of the normal CD (nope, I have not been able to find a difference between 'normal CD' files and higher resolution files if they are coming from the same raw material). Looked on Quobuz but could not find any SACD (unless they lable them different), only "CD" and "HI res".