Nuforce & HiFi

Presently Own the Nuforce 9V3SE amplifiers ( upgraded from 9V2SE ), & P-9 preamp and planning to upgrade the fuses . Wanted to hear from past and present owners that switched from the included fuses to any of the after market fuses such as HiFi Tuning and others. Please relay the plus/minuses of having switched to your different choice of fuses and any changes in the sound. Thanks.
IMO,its a cheap tweek to try.For me its snake oil as I tried different fuses in different systems and heard nothing really
I too have a pair of Nuforce 9V3 SE and I have put in Isoclean Fuses in all my gear. I confess to not have heard anything significant. The amps like good power cords and interconnects and will reward the listener. I run it with balanced cables to my Cary SLP05. Vibe control and RF control
helps also.
Missioncoonery, thnak you for sharing. I hope others
will also chime in with their findings. There after I
may collectively assume the best or worse of this matter.
Yet I have read of so many positive testimonies online.
CK you're totally correct, I switched over to Shunyata products some years ago and haven't looked back. I will say this, I recently purchased XLRs and RCA ICs from Anti-Cable, being the curious one I am :-)). As they're breaking in I'm getting the impression that I'm truly on to something here. Just thought I'd mention this, no affiliations. Cheers

The RMF control plates under my amps are called P.A.U.L.’s EMF/MD Isolation Platforms. Expensive tweek but made a huge difference in the clarity of the amps.
Two things significantly improved the performance of my SE V3's. Upgrading the AC supply with a dedicated 20A breaker with BX 12G to Iso ground receptacles, and double shielded DIY power cable. Switching to a battery powered solid state preamp.
Thank you everyone for the different insights and informations. Thus in the asking, I've also learned of a few added angles that I may research.

I have tried fuses hifi tuning it changed the sound but did not make it better in my view. What I did like was the Nuforce magic cubes.