Nordost Purple Flare for GoldenEar triton One.R

I just purchased a used pair of GoldenEar Triton One.Rs. I will be powering them with a Naim Uniti Nova in a 17' 6" x 29' by 11' room. I need some cables and have been offered a good deal on the Nordost Purple Flare. I understand that many GE owners use Nordost cables.


My concern is potential brightness, which I want to avoid like the plague. While I have  not found the GE bright on the occasions I have listened to it, my demoes were never super long and I was not able to turn the volume way up. I have never heard it with the Naim. I have read a number of comments about the brightness of the speaker and want to make sure I get a cable that will not sound bright with it while avoiding a colored warm cable. I have not read that the Purple Flare is bright but have read opinions that Nordost cables can be bright. 


Anyway, I am wondering what experiences people have had with this cable and anyone's thoughts on whether I need to be worried about this rig sounding bright.


Thanks in advance. 


I’ve owned the NORDOST PURPLE FLAREs and also the NORDOST FREYs in prior systems, so I know their sonic signature , strengths, and warts very well,


(1) In brief, the NORDOST models can sound great but only when you play the NORSE 2 – HIGH PERFORMANCE CABLES line or better … ( the FREYs are the middle rung of the three in the NORSE model line).

W,R,T the lower LEIF – UNIVERSAL CABLE SYSTEM line , for which the PURPLE FLAREs are 2nd from the bottom… I saw them ranked as “meh” or trending lower at their pricepoint. Lesser priced Brit cable designs ( e,g AG over Cu CHORD RUMOUR or ODYSSEY ) were a step-up that stoked me up to sell them pronto.

(2) I owned the PURPLE FLAREs and auditioned both the BLUE HEAVEN and RED DAWN models ….. the LEIF range was a disappointment for comparatively premium-priced NORDOSTs,at their pricepoint strata, and a noticeable step-down from the NORSE line IMO that is not subtle.

(3) NOTE: I had an entire FREYs cables loom , and the FREYs loom worked fine for me until I upgraded to new and better cables with my new speakers .

KEY POINT: The FREY speakers performance was noticeably better only with matched stablemate NORDOST FREY ICs. …something of an all same brand and same model loom synergy I found. Mixing ICs and speaker cables was a step down both ways if mismatched.


Budgets matter, for sure The PURPLE FLARES may stir your drink, but I would strongly recommend that you avoid buying them blind, without an actual audition first. The FREYs were a go for me and likely the NORSE line blind buy without a large fear for you too.

Carry on but choose wisely.


Nordost on GE speakers sound thin and a bit shrill.  On my GE Triton Refs, I use Canare 4S11 cable and it works fantastic with the McIntosh electronics driving them.  I do not know of anyone using Nordost with GE, sounds like a recipe for disappointment.   

Thanks all.


I have been hearing amazingly good things about the Canare. At that price, not much risk in trying them out.

My only hesitation on the Canare is they are 14 gauge and the speakers are 4ohm. Should I be concerned about that?

My only hesitation on the Canare is they are 14 gauge and the speakers are 4ohm. Should I be concerned about that?

GE easy that these are "compatible with 8ohms" whatever that means. Sterophile say that there are serious dips and a 4 ohm capable amp is required.


Ugh well, I will let you all know how the Canare's work.