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Are there any current high end dipole speakers (dynamic)?
Another vote for Spatial. 
Open Baffle vs Box
I am new to OBs, but am now a convert. I was a big Vandy fan, but having now experienced Spatial, I find them much more enjoyable. See 
Computer to DAC Streamer
The optical version streams data from an optical network instead of an ethernet network. The optical network is easy to setup. All that is required is an ethernet to optical converter (Trendnet makes a good cheap one, Sonore has a fancier one), an... 
Computer to DAC Streamer
I have one of the first optical versions of the Sonore Signature Rendu. Highly recommended and a huge upgrade from the Microrendu. Ultra quiet, great tone, holographic imaging, smooth but not rolled off. 
Amplifier for Harbeth 40.2
I also heard (twice) the VR/40.2 combo at RMAF. Drop dead. My second favorite room of the weekend (same VR w/Spatial was my fave). If I had $30k to drop on electronics, I would get the VR in a heartbeat.I have heard the Lio with the 40.2s as well.... 
More expensive DAC the answer?
Another vote for a tube amp. I have had Klipsch Heresys since 1984 (now in a second system). For many many years, I powered them with SS amps. Sounded fine, but when i got a tube integrated (Jolida), I experienced a huge jump in sq. I really think... 
Jolida Fusion 3502S vs. Jolida Fusion 801
I have had a 502BRC for several years. Terrific amp at a great price. I agree that their products are very underrated. 
Tube amp/integrated with bass grip for Aerial 7Ts
While not a tube integrated, I would check out the Ayre AX-5/20. I use it to power my Aerial Model 9s and have heard it with the 7Ts. Excellent synergy. The amp is dead quiet and has a rich and musical tone. To me, it has the good qualities of tub... 
Integrated Amps - Ayre vs Pass Labs
I am a very happy owner of the Ayre. It replaced significantly more expensive separates (Modwwright KWA-150SE w/Cary SLP-05 w/ult. upgrade) and yet I greatly prefer its sq. Dead quiet with full rich sound. I am sure the Pass is great as well, alth... 
Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018
Another vote for the Ayre AX-5/20.  
DeVore Gibbon X v. Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT w/Ayre AX5/20
Thanks for the helpful responses. Anyone have experience with both the Vandy and the DeVore?Is the 5a carbon a no go with my room size?With the Vandy, if I use the x-over instead of the high pass, do I insert the x-over between the integrated and ... 
Has anyone purchased the new Elac Adante floorstanders yet?
I heard the Elacs at RMAF this year. I was very impressed and they stood out among the many speakers I heard that weekend. A real standout especially at the price point. 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
Lots of great choices at that price point, including many mentioned here (I have a slight bit of experience with the Holo and Border Patrol and was impressed). I recently purchased a Lampizator Atlantic and love it. Excellent clarity, natural soun... 
My review of the Spatial M3 Turbo S open baffle speaker is finally live...
Great review, thanks. 
Spatial Audio X1
Hey. i know this is a bit old, but I am looking at Spatial to go with a Lio. I may very well go to SLC for a listen (I live in Denver and my wife has works her, so an easy trip). Anyway, the experience sounds amazing. Can you ad more about the sou...