New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers

Hey All,

Just got a new set of Soul Supremes...finally after a long wait to match up with my Undertone. All in American Walnut!

Still getting used to the sound - good, detail, imaging and dynamics. But have noticed what seems like some slight quality control and/or consistency issues.

My Undertone has great looking veneer, but came with a non trivial gash in the veneer. Zu was cool enough to create a small discount for the issue to apply to my Soul Supremes. The speakers then, came with some small but questionable changes to the construction. Instead of clean looking buttoned screws for the connector plate that is used on all other products...they use larger Philips head screws that don’t seat flush. Im told from Zu thats the new standard? Also the veneer doesn’t seem to match the quality previously used on the Undertone.

Anyone else recently picked up speakers from Zu and having the same experiences?

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Generally speaking, you don't use a flat head screw unless the application requires one. Countersinking for a flush fit cost money and is not needed here. 

I've come to realize that most speakers have something incredibly cheap associated with them. From plastic parts made to look like metal to $50 drivers, even at $20,000. You could buy an airplane for the cost of some of this fake wood and rubber.

I don't know about others but I really enjoy bonding with the brand...being proud of the purchase and I am sure you were very much looking forward to their arrival... those screws would take my excitement level way down. I don't blame you for being disappointed, I know I would have been....