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What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
Upon reflection in addition to Cresendo...I have had excellent experience with Music Direct and Upscale..... During my search I did have an amusing experience with a manufacture (US based) ... During my conversation with their TECH EXPERT... afte... 
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
Cresendo in Wheatridge Co is excellent... knowledgeable, easy to work with  
Speakers matching Pas INT 60
I seriously looked at PASS and at the time was going to pair them with the ZU Soul 6's... I thought that combo really sounded exceptional  
Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
I have a pair of Tannoy Autograph Mini's.... I highly recommend them for your application  
Quobuz subscription
Interesting thread.... I am a Qobuz subscriber, enjoy it immensely, find the service stability, volume of choice and the quality very good.... The one thing I never thought about was a John Darko comment on physical media and inability of a servi... 
Small frame subwoofer
Thanks folks!... Appreciate all the inputs... M-Db... I still have to socialize the size but I would say yes...  
Audio Research I/50 integrated?
Here is a new review of both.... Never watched this guy before...    
Audio Research I/50 integrated?
@yakbob ....Correct.... The Manley is easily biased by the owner... I have done mine several times... The amp comes with a meter and easy instructions to do this. Having to send the amp back to be biased would be a deal breaker  
Audio Research I/50 integrated?
@mtbiker29 - I wasn't down on the I50  but I liked the Stingray looks far better.... personal preference. I have had the Manley now since July 4th... love it, very happy with my decision....   
Recommendations for good sounding streamer
I have been using the BlueSound Node since July... I really like it... Sound Quality with the new DAC chip is very good The Streamer is BULLETPROOF, I am using WiFi and have not dropped a song once...QoBuz exclusively  The App/OS is outstanding... 
Threshold FET 9 / CAS1 vs Manley Stingray
I have the Manley Stingray since this past July.... enjoy it immensely.... paired with Tannoy Autograph Mini's.... I believe the amp is rated 32 w in ultra linear and 17 in triode....  
Dropouts when steaming with WiFi connection (Amazon Music).
Log into fast.com it will tell u right away your internet speeds.  Start there to trouble shoot  
Bluesound Node or Audiolab 6000N
I like my BS Node alot... the BlueOS is excellent, easy to use and set up... I have had the Node up since 4th of July weekend.... not once has there been an issue in streaming, not a single drop...and I listen to alot of Live Music on Qobuz... the... 
Dragonfly Cobalt cuts out after ~5 s.
A couple of questions... was it working before and just went into this condition ? have u tried it I another USB port? how old is the DAC?  
Help With Small Room Speaker Decisions.
Tannoy Autograph Mini's are a pair I would check out as well