New Turntable pre amp

Would an audio-technica at-lp120-usb turntable benefit from a separate pre amp?
Given the unit’s price, there’s little doubt that an upgrade of the cartridge AND phono stage, would provide a major upgrade in sound. It was nice of them, to provide a bypass for their built-in phono stage, so you can.
I thought so, any suggestions on the pre amp? I did notice the bypass, thats what got me thinking. Appreciate the info.
There are many, inexpensive phono stages available, that would work with the MM cart, provided. ie:   Personally, I'd do the cartridge first.
I have a friend that owns the LP120 and am familiar with it. I believe upgrading the cartridge and phonostage of the your TT will make a significant sonic improvement.

Thanks, think I will get both.
What might your budget be?

If your current cartridge is not very old you might consider purchasing the phonostage 1st. Then consider cartridge. 

The best upgrade you can make is going with a higher performance turntable. The AT-LP120 specs are low end. Fine for rappers but not for listening to music. 
Mesch, haven't got it yet, Might be a Christmas present, this is my first one.
sleepwalker65, may upgrade if I get more into vinyl, just getting started.
Thanks for all the input
A Bellari VP-130 tube preamp ($275) and a Grado cartridge ($90) would be a nice upgrade!
The LP-120 will make a wonderful gift and a serve as an entry into the vinyl experience. I was very much into vinyl myself, however have have switch to digital around 2011. I believe this TT ships with the AT-95E cartridge. I would get familiar with the TT's sonics as is prior to investing in the upgrades. In the meantime research moving magnet cartridges as I believe this type best suits this TT budget wise. MM cartridges load parameters are met by most budget phonostages. Research phonostages paying attention to cartridge output (mV) relative to phonostage gain (dB). Synergy between these devices is key. 

Given you will have a new cartridge compatible with your TT I would consider upgrading the phonostage 1st. I believe the phonostage provided within the TT to be the weakest link. I would look into phonostages with 40db gain or higher. Many have flexible gain settings. Buying phonostage separate from cartridge may allow an increase in budget for each. After identifying those of interest start another thread here asking opinions. 

Hope to hear from you after Christmas! Good luck in your vinyl quest.