New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)

Very interesting experimental results. Don’t know how or when it might be made into a widely available treatments. Details here:

On further searching, it looks like there is a device made by a company called Neuromod. Don't know if it's been prescribed, covered by insurance, etc.
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326 participants? Don't hold your breath.
I'll tell you this OP. Don't let anyone tell you, it CAN'T get better, it can.
Some is permanent, There is nothing you can do about that. I find that a LOT of people with hearing loss, turn it up, Up, UP.  Things like driving with the window down. Ear and throat, care...COFFEE or caffeine over use, drinking, HIGH BP, Your diet... will help your hearing... Gargle and clean your ears.. NO CHEAP weed, no CHEAP tobacco.

Protect your ears while working ALWAYS, especially blowers and that stuff, especially NOW....

Just like your eyes...Carrot juice works for your night vision, REALLY works...They use to call the fighter pilots in WWII, Carrot tops because there skin was orange...Could see at night though...

Take care of those puppies..

@oldhvymec Thanks -- and I'll take good care of them. Appreciate the various suggestions. I'll think about all these things and save this thread.

And scientific studies make progress, sometimes only 326 participants at a time. I'm not an optimist, temperamentally, but I'm not a pessimist, either.
Funny, perhaps not, but I was just reading an article in the NYTimes regarding souped up/modded cars with loud exhaust that are rattling the nerves (and plates) of neighbors.

I can only imagine what their hearing will be in a few years from now...
Here's something that might be worth trying if you want to improve your ear health.

I can't see it doing any harm (except maybe raise a few laughs if you were ever to try it in public).

At the very least it certainly helps me to avoid clogged ears after a shower. 



20 Second Miracle Technique for Instant Drainage of Eustachian tubes (Tinnitus, Congestion, Hearing)