New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)

Very interesting experimental results. Don’t know how or when it might be made into a widely available treatments. Details here:

On further searching, it looks like there is a device made by a company called Neuromod. Don't know if it's been prescribed, covered by insurance, etc.
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Great news, sounds very promising.  Thanks for sharing.
Yes, thanks for the find...

The next question is...does it reduce tinnitus and create a greater clean dynamics in the hearing system ie a better noise floor than with the tinnitus.

Or, does it disable the hairs of the ears or disable the neurological aspects so that the tinnitus is reduced in that way? ,eg, that the given offending hairs (cilia) of the ears are turned off, muted, or killed off?

The quick understanding of the source of tinnitus, is that the cilia or hairs in the inner ear, some of them are damaged and are fallen down and some are in a permanent state of agitation, ie ’vibrating.’

In other words, is it ’hearing restoration’, or is it ’issue abatement’? Is the offending limb fixed and restored to orignal full function, or is the offending limb simply removed?

That would be the big question, here: What is the mechanism in play. 

If it is simply the cessitation of fallen cilia, re vibrating, and they finally sit still, then that alone is ’tinnitus relief’ and may play into the impression or human interpretation of better hearing. To kill off an incessant noise, like a loud fridge running al the time. Maybe. Dunno, not dealing with much more than the usual age and blood pressure stimulated (coffee, etc) source points of tinnitus, myself.
Excellent questions -- perhaps something in the scientist's video about the mechanisms involved:

I'm pretty sure mine is from listening to music too loud while teen to 30s or so.
Read the article teo, you will see it works by taking clever advantage of neuroplasticity. In essence you retrain your brain.

Unfortunately not available in the US.
326 participants? Don't hold your breath.
I'll tell you this OP. Don't let anyone tell you, it CAN'T get better, it can.
Some is permanent, There is nothing you can do about that. I find that a LOT of people with hearing loss, turn it up, Up, UP.  Things like driving with the window down. Ear and throat, care...COFFEE or caffeine over use, drinking, HIGH BP, Your diet... will help your hearing... Gargle and clean your ears.. NO CHEAP weed, no CHEAP tobacco.

Protect your ears while working ALWAYS, especially blowers and that stuff, especially NOW....

Just like your eyes...Carrot juice works for your night vision, REALLY works...They use to call the fighter pilots in WWII, Carrot tops because there skin was orange...Could see at night though...

Take care of those puppies..

@oldhvymec Thanks -- and I'll take good care of them. Appreciate the various suggestions. I'll think about all these things and save this thread.

And scientific studies make progress, sometimes only 326 participants at a time. I'm not an optimist, temperamentally, but I'm not a pessimist, either.
Funny, perhaps not, but I was just reading an article in the NYTimes regarding souped up/modded cars with loud exhaust that are rattling the nerves (and plates) of neighbors.

I can only imagine what their hearing will be in a few years from now...
Here's something that might be worth trying if you want to improve your ear health.

I can't see it doing any harm (except maybe raise a few laughs if you were ever to try it in public).

At the very least it certainly helps me to avoid clogged ears after a shower. 



20 Second Miracle Technique for Instant Drainage of Eustachian tubes (Tinnitus, Congestion, Hearing)
@mijostyn said....
"326 participants? Don't hold your breath."
I follow various early stage Pharma stocks and I can tell you that a 326 participant study is indeed a large study! How many do you think you need to determine safety & efficacy?
Thanks for this info.  Let’s hope trials continue to be successful and clinics open in the states. This ringing is a PIA. The other treatment I read about was literally destroying part of your brain. I did my own version of that as a teen and can’t afford to do more.  :-)
Thanks for that. Tinnitus is an interesting malady and (as someone noted above) a pain in the ass. Progress on a treatment for it is most welcome, I would gladly participate if offered the opportunity. Now, back to my own experiments with ghost peppers... 
Why does medicine always attempt to fix the symptoms instead of the cause. Imagine fixing a roof leak with the house foundation shaking. Attempting to fix the sound in your room by not paying attention to the room itself? Instead of an apparatus for the tinnitus, it should be for those whose bodies have been shown (criteria as stated, not disclosed in the article)) to not be deficient in the mineral copper, have excessive free radicals in the body, toxic overload in the body, Oxygen deficiency in the blood vessels. Now we have a salvage procedure that has possible merit with the device. Until enzyme pathways can function at optimum, organs begin to fail, maybe tinnitus is one of the first recognizable cracks in ones deterioration. Doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’m always reminded of an old definition of an optimist. A person that jumps out of a 10 story building and after each floor they pass, they say I’m OK.  
I've had 4000hz notch tinnitus since I was 25. It affects stereo imaging a bit. But just plain sucks...until last winter I lost every ounce of bass and all of the the upper end. When that happens, there is zero ability to form a soundstage. And little interest in enjoying music.

Lots of visits to result.
After a thorough review with a homeopathic intern as part of a case study, I decided to give it a shot.

A few food restrictions (no coffee was the toughest) later and my upper end came back.
I could hear a solid soundstage! Then it faded away. Now after my 2nd attempt, I have regained everything except the 4000hz notch. A hint of tinnitus remains but it's wonderful to have what I have now.

My point: do something about it. Try everything.
Homeopathy really works.  Understand that it doesn't seek to fix the symptom...but the root cause instead. It just gets your body back to balance. Then your body does the rest.

I'm 53. I also have a better sense of balance now (didn't even know that was an issue). 

@sandthemall Thanks for relaying your story. Supporting one another in this way is just about the best thing a forum like this can do. I'm really glad to hear about your improvement and will look into homeopathy.
No problem! I should mention that all my issues were with my left ear. 
Right ear is a champ. Most people have issues with their left ear. Seems that most people are right ear dominant regardless of being right/left hand dominant...has to do with speech recognition at early stages of learning to talk. 

Would almost have preferred if both ears declined equally. 

Good luck! 


’Why does medicine always attempt to fix the symptoms instead of the cause.’

I think you know the answer already. It’s far more profitable that way.


’My point: do something about it. Try everything.’

Absolutely. The possible rewards are worth it.

I had a bout of Meniere’s disease over Christmas a few years ago - horrible, horrible, horrible - and tried out that doctors advice on YouTube (as well as light use of an infra red heat lamp).

Not only did it not return but my hearing seems to be the best it’s ever been. Not sure about any missing frequency notches (hope not), but I appreciate those rare inky black silences and that excellent detection of distant sounds.

Gee, the fridge motor and boiler operations have lives of their own as the cars hum past outside.
Some doctors and medical researchers are saying that tinnitus may originate in the brain.  It doesn't mean you have a brain tumor, but it could be an acoustic mismatch with the ear.
Not having this equipment, I cranked up some Pink Floyd and stuck my tongue in a wall outlet.  There is no tinitis now!
sandthemall, what were the food restrictions besides coffee?  Thanks!
As with many aspects of medicine, our understanding of the causes of hearing loss and aberrations such as tinnitus are in their infancy.  To give you an idea of newer research trends you might find this article interesting:
Now in my mid 70s, I feel extremely fortunate to have retained good hearing when I  consider that almost to a person my male friends are wearing, or should be wearing hearing aids.  Not being able to appreciate a good sound system is one thing, not being able to hear people speaking is causing more and more of my friends to self-isolate due to embarrassment over their communication difficulties. While I'd love to be able to regrow my hair, I'd rather see advances in restoring hearing.  Both will come along,  The sooner the better for hearing.
falconquest is right!

Even in the more subjective social sciences, a sample of 300 is more than enough to test just about any hypothesis.

I learned as much in the process of earning my PhuD
Thanks, this is great news. I see one treatment, Lenire, is available in Europe and has not yet been approved by the FDA for use in America.
People who exhibit Tinnitus symptoms should first have their blood tested to find out if they are iron deficient.  If so, physician prescribed iron supplementation will GREATLY reduce or completely eliminate the symptom.  Stop stressing and get some sleep too.