New speakers for analog setup in price range??

Hope y'all are well. I currently have a pair of Onix Ref1's on my analog setup that I've been pretty happy with. The ex is getting them though in the split, so I'm thinking about trying something new. Problem is, I'm a medical student and not much disposable income...So, I' would like to stay around 1200 and under.

The only down side I've had with the Ref1's is the low end...It's not bad for my room size, but why not try something else, huh? Am thinking about some other bookshelves with a better low end, or some floorstandings....Any input or ideas are greatly appreciated...
if you have a good 60 watt amp .solid state, try the totem arro floor standers, they are only about five inches wide, 12 deep and 30 tall, they have outstanding bottom end and you can find them very reasonable on audiogon i have owned them and found them to be one of the best overall speakers i have owned...dhwiit
Vandersteen 1 c 90 DB would seem to hit your target go down to 38 HZ and offer superb performance from a Phase and time correct multi enclosure.
You would also be getting great drivers with close tolerance matched pair instead of paying for wood or a paint job in a Box.
Cheers John
Thanks y'all...

For more info, I should say I am running with an Onix SP3 (38Wx2), slee era gold, and MMF5 with Benz H2 wood body...

I have thought about the Arro's as well...with the Vander's work with the SP3 power?
You might consider Triangles. Celius floorstander used would come in under that $
Aperion Audio Intimus 6T floorstanding speakers ($1390/pair).

Aperion Audio offers:
- 10 year warranty
- free shipping within USA
- 30-day risk-free in-home audition

Aperion Audio site:,110,28,255.aspx

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