New Perlisten S7T Towers

Hi everyone. Has anyone here had a chance to hear these? A brand new company in Wisconsin - first speakers ever to achieve level 4 THX Dominus certification. Not inexpensive at $16k a pair.

Second question, what percentage off of full retail would you consider fair? And the same question on a expensive Lyngdorf MP60 processor, $14k retail.

Thank you all!

I have these loudspeakers, and in my view they are the best I've ever had/heard, as long as you have the right power driving them, Truly magical sound.  I paid full price, and was happy to do so.

Had them about 6 months now I am still amazed. They were set up by Dr Matthew Poe’s who will soon be treating my room.

im extremely happy with them despite my tinnitus getting a bit worse. Best speakers I’ve ever owned! I highly recommend them. The fit and finish are as good as any I’ve ever seen. I chose the premium ebony gloss finish.


I have the S4b's and D12s on "display" as I work out of my house.  I am in Jersey City.  Not sure there is another local dealer.  I very simply don't have room for the S7t.