New Perlisten S7T Towers

Hi everyone. Has anyone here had a chance to hear these? A brand new company in Wisconsin - first speakers ever to achieve level 4 THX Dominus certification. Not inexpensive at $16k a pair.

Second question, what percentage off of full retail would you consider fair? And the same question on a expensive Lyngdorf MP60 processor, $14k retail.

Thank you all!
Never heard them but I've seen the spins on them and they look pretty good.
I should add the manufacturer designed these for 2CH. However for HT they appear to be extraordinary. They are setting up dealers presently.
It they are that good why worry about your "deal"?
You will be f-ed in the end either way.
Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Their site says they are long time industry people , who are they?   
Their CSO, Lars, has been in the industry 30+ years (JBL, M&K, etc.).  He is Danish which might explain the wisconsin connection (Dane county, WI) haha!
I see $7500/pair which is more reasonable. I do not like them for several reasons. The checker board design is pure glitz and totally unnecessary.
They put a waveguide on the tweeter but not the midrange where it is most important. The directionality of the drivers should be matched as closely as possible. No, I have not heard them and do not care to. My analysis is base on a review of the design. I think Golden Ear makes a better speaker in this price range IMHO.
$7500 is a typo. $16k a pair is correct. All reviews I’ve seen and YouTubes are extremely positive. I should be able to audition soon.
They are kind of funky looking but the measurements don't lie. The waveguide is where it belongs and the FR, distortion and directivity are exceptional only bettered by DSP controlled active monitors.
I am one of their dealers.  Read the review in Audioholics where they say this is the best speaker they have measured to date. 
Frequency response is flat and they are very natural sounding but with lots of detail.  The design uses a Kilppel measurement system to optimize output.  There are certainly a lot of great speakers in this price range but these are one of the more impressive options.  

The only thing that might be more impressive than their speakers is the subwoofers.  
Dealers are instructed not to discount.  Best bet is to trade something in against them.  
Second question, what percentage off of full retail would you consider fair?
At this price level the ONLY questions that matter are if they have the sound characteristics that are most important to you personally and if they match well with your existing equipment/room.  Everything else is a rounding error, relatively speaking.  

mijostyn-   Those "checker board" drivers are SB Acoustics woven TeXtreme mid/bass drivers made with an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric- the tweeter looks like the new SB Acoustics Beryllium wave guide tweeter. 

2 ago I noticed that chess-board pattern on some Rockport speakers.  Common supplier?   Likely.  I was looking into Rockport after hearing a good podcast with the founder and the two guys running the business with him now.
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