New HT - Separates Upgrade Options?

Building new house/7.2 HT with new 110" screen & tbd projector; bringing separates from old house, but need to be able to switch hdmi sources to proj and believe I want room correction for the 7.2. Plan for 50/50 HT/2-ch with edge to music quality, but also good video. Plan to retain Acoustic Zen Adagio (2 towers & center), McCormack DNA-500 stereo amp (balanced XLR inputs) and probably Proceed Amp-5 (125x5ch bal XLR; 10 yr old & needs new Pwr switch); current Lexicon MC-8 has no video switching. This setup in old house had more forward/bright presence; would like something more musical, but retain detail and imaging/soundstage.

Currently thinking about oppo-93, Martin Logan surrounds (FX-2 sides and Helos 20 rears) and tbd pre/pro with Bal XLR (<$3K price point). Heard good things about Audio Control M3 (Arcam 888 clone with unique features and good writeups), but would have to purchase used. Would appreciate your thoughts on pre-pro (options to consider), oppo-93 (better choice?) and if I decide to get new multi-channel amp, recommendations. Finally, other than seller history, any precautions for buying used on AudioGon?

Thanks in advance!
1. Oppo 93 is a good choice.

2. I do not know the AC M3 but the roomEQ in the Arcam 888 (an otherwise able performer) is cursory.

3. For 2 subs and roomEQ, you should consider only prepros with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 as it can handle two separate sub channels and none of the other built-in EQs can do this, afaik. That means either the Integra 80.2 or the Onkyo 5508 if you require XLR output.

Thanks Kal. Some of the writeups I have seen on the 80.2 and 5508 are not high on the 2-ch sound quality, but offer kudo's to the HT and MC sound. Suggestions for a pre-pro with better 2-ch, while not sacrificing video?
There is no difference between 2-ch and multichannel at all. The differences are between "direct" which passes the signal through unchanged (except for VC) regardless of the number of channels and non-direct which processes the digital inputs and which takes advantage of the DSP capabilities. It is those capabilities which endow it with its best performance, imho, because your rooms acoustics and speaker/listener positioning do not change regardless of the number of channels.

I have no other suggestions within your price range.
Wow, you've got quite an assortment of stuff. If you are going 7.2 with decent 2 channel balanced bypass and current HDMI video switching, you are looking at big bucks.

Personally, I think all of the room correction software is garbage, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

As far as speakers go, that's an issue of personal taste. None of your electronics currently are particularly bright, so it must be the room or the speaker.

I don't think you are going to find what you want in a pre/pro under $3k. If you can live without balanced, you might look at the higher end NAD stuff - it's very nice. Anthem is another option, which I think comes balanced, but you'd need to buy used.
Thanks all for the advice. I may be overly sensitive to the quality of the direct pass-thru stereo signal; my MC-8 direct pass-thru was poor compared to the "processed" stereo.

So if I can jump up to 5K for the pre/pro; any thoughts for new or good quality units. I've read mixed reviews on the Cary 11a; it does have balanced XLR and no video processing, which I can handle with the Oppo or projector.

Thanks again for your feedback.
ADA Rhapsody Mach IV processor
Focal SM 9. 30hz - 40khz
JL Audio subs. F110, F112 or F113

Good luck with youre setup