Musicl Fidelity A3.2 integrated or A3 separates

A3.2 can be had for US$1000 whereas A3 preamp US$600 plus A3 amp US$700. Cannot audition both in New Zealand (not available).What is opinions and is it worth the price difference. Rest of system is MF A3.2 CD player, Linn LP12 turntable and KEF Q75 Tower speakers.
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I am only somewhat familiar with those pieces from prior research but I suspect it is worth the difference.
Quick research shows your going to get a bit more peak to peak current (72) from the A3 with what appears to be a very conservative rating of 120 watts into 8 ohms and 210 watts into 4 ohms.
Hi Tdav,

The separates are a definite class above. In their day they were considered outstanding, particularly the preamp. The separates have choke regulated power supplies and in design and execution are related to the limited edition high-end M3 integrated.

The A3.2 competed in the lower-middle end of the market.

I bought an A3 integrated which if memory doesn't fail me was $2400 Aust. A few years later I replaced it with the A3.2cr pre-power combination which was $6000 Aust RRP (but cost me $5000 because they were running out).

If you can get the separates now for only $300 more it's an easy decision.
Hi Tdav, I bought an A3.2 and found it a very musical, slightly laid back ( 15 rows back in the hall presentation ) that had plenty of power when called for. Then I sort of backed myself into a corner bidding on an auction demo Bel Canto eVo gen2 integrated which I really liked with my Harbeth 30 monitors. So bottom line: this perfectly good low hours A3.2 has been boxed up for two years, as my planned second system has not materialzed.It lacks a remote, so I was thinking I should ask $750 for it. If you are interested, I'll look into shipping costs to see if it's worth your while sending it "down under"from California. Cheers, Jeff
Hi Jeff. Depending on freight I may be interested. I have scoured the internet worldwide and A3.2 seems to be scarce at the moment. I have sent this reply to your email as well so if its still valid may appear as a double up.
Regards Trevor Davies
PS: I like your "down under" reference. Have you been here or know people in NZ or Oz
Jeff.. are you still there? Have you had a chance to get freight rate to Auckland 1025, New Zealand. I am still interested.