Parasound Hint 6 or separates?

Has anyone compared the Parasound Hint 6 Integrated with the separates upon which it is based, the P6 preamp and A23+ amp? Are there any advantages using these specific separates over the convenience of the Hint 6 integrated? The price is almost identical. Thanks.
The only advantage IMO is if you wish to change the preamp or amp in the future, some claim separates sound better but that's never been true for me. . I've had both separates and integrated I prefer integrated,  less clutter. 
Thanks, that has been my experience as well, along with saving a bunch on the extra power cord and set of interconnects for separates. But I want to explore all options before buying the Hint.
I have had both, though I went with the A21 vs A23. The separates vs the int were very close with the exception of the power of the a21. Sonically they were pretty much the same with maybe a bit more air with the separates. Either way, I really believe they are hard to beat in either guise for the $$$$.
@drowe  - Do you own either of the setups from Parasound? If not, are you open to other manufacturers, or just Parasound?

For what it's worth, I've been in this game for 40 years and I've gone from separates to integrated, and back, multiple times. I've settled on Integrated due to less complexity, fewer cables and less real-estate on the audio rack. I'm currently using a Rega Elicit-R Integrated amp, and I love it.
Many moons ago, I used to own A23 and P5 and compared it to the Halo integrated that my dealer was kind enough to let me borrow for a week. There was absolutely no difference in sound quality. It was only when I went up to A21 that the improvements justified the ’separates’ route. Now, I understand the possibility that my experience is irrelevant with respect to the newer P6 and Hint 6, so take it with a grain of salt.

FWIW, I ended up selling my Parasound stack as I found it to be just so so. IMO, Parasound makes decent gear but it does not in any way punches above its class in 2021 anymore. And I agree with @reubent that you should not limit yourself to Parasound unless you’re dead set on it.

Thanks for the responses. No, I am not completely sold on Parasound. I am concerned with power, though, due to my speakers and large listening room. The Hint 6 offers a lot of watts for the money compared to most competing integrateds in its price range. So that is really it's one major selling point. Hegel integrateds looks enticing as well - similar power but a bit more money layout. I'd welcome other suggestions.

I'm a Parasound dealer and in general, I'll sell about 5 to 1 HINTs to the separates combo (P6/A23+).  The HINT really is a well done integrated that's a pretty nice value in regards to other units out there.

Sonically, as noted above by a few others, I think the two are very, very close.
I am a new owner of the Hint 6, and i am finding it does very well with my Aerial 5Ts. They complement each other perfectly.

Do you leave your Hint 6 on 24/7 or power off. Any harm in leaving it on?
The Hint 6 is great, but the Hegels are in a different league. Particularly the big ones, H390/H590. Yes, I’ve had both Parasound and Hegel.
My guess you found what you were looking for ? I’ve lived with my Hint6 for a week now and really like it, im using digital sources and analog, so far so good.

i like the silver one
@geof Hint 6 vs those Hegels you mentioned is a comparison between very different product tiers and prices. Not quite fair to Parasound. 

I’ll resurrect this thread, because I had a P5 and I now have the Hint 6.  The P5 had a lot of features for the money but the sound was a little bit too warm, at least to my ears.  The Hint has better sonics, and is closer to neutral while still having a touch of warmth.  The bass management hasn’t changed from the P5, it’s really well done.

I am pretty impressed with the Hint.  I had read some less than positive reviews of the hint after I ordered it. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but the sonics, the power, and the features are all so well done.  Then there is the looks.   Very classy, and the vented casework is so much better than the P5.  As is the volume knob.  On the P5 it wiggled like it was loose.  I returned it for another unit but that one wiggled too, so I just kept it.



One more thing to add the the body of knowledge on the Hint 6.  It made the Stereophile recommended list.  Fall of 2020, the B list.  Not bad for a main stream manufacturer that some are calling a Swiss army knife(WRT the Hint).