New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?

First time Gallo-user. Have been breaking them in according to instructions for approx 80hrs. Amp: ARCAM P49 (200 wpc in stereo mode), pre-amp Sonus Veritas Genoa, Source, ARCAM CD player (2yrs old), connections and wires all Nordost Tyr-or higher level. The new speakers are eating up the P49, I have the pre at full volume, and Strata's output is only slightly above conversation level. And, the sound I'm hearing is just like listening to the music thru tin cans. A friend commented, "these sound like mid-level television speakers".  Is all this due to incomplete break-in, poor speaker orientation, bad system combination, or.....what?  Any ideas are appreciated, as I had great hopes for these speakers.
Many thanks.
Strada 2 speakers really tickle my fancy with the Gallo Floor Stands and a pair of the Gallo TR-3d subs but it took a great deal of time and effort to work out the best placement for the Strada 2's and the subs before everything "clicked". I can understand how someone who likes the Magnepan sound might not go for the Gallos though. I'm a former Magnepan and Martin Logan owner.

I bought my Stradas and subs used and they had several hundred hours of break-in before I owned them. I use them in a 20 x 14 listening room with a 10 foot celing. 
You probably know about Mapleshade's recommendations to place the Strada 2's very low to the ground on angled wooden stands. The 6 moons review talks about using the Stradas on the Mapleshade stands both in a nearfield desktop set up and in a full room set up. I have tried the Mapleshade stands but I prefer the Gallo Floor Stands. Two TR-3d subs are best, but I've tried using just one sub and could easily live with that.

I tried the Strada 2's with some Arcam and Rotel amps that I own and they sounded pretty good but they sound fantastic with my PrimaLuna tube gear. I owned the Audience ClairAudient 1+1 speakers earlier but prefer the Strada 2 with the subs overall for the classical music I listen to most often. 

alltrinnov8, your description was exactly what I needed to know. The statement, " Right out of the box, the Stradas sounded great but they did sound marginally but noticeably better after a week or so of daily use" confirms my speakers are something less than normally functioning Gallos. Having read the Mapleshade recommendations, I can believe noticeable improvement is possible, but not to the extent my speakers would require to meet the performance level you have experienced. And, the recommendation for a long break-in period would seem to be additive but not fundamental. However, it is puzzling that both these speakers would have the same mechanical problem producing the same 'tin-can' sound in both at the same time.
BTW, as an audiophile, I have made it a point of life-philosophy not to disparage the sonic experiences of anyone even if they are a "corporate finance guy". All professions are equal in the realm of acoustic physics.
Mark Muse has taken me to task for implying that he didn't know how Strada was spelled.  He obviously does, and I apologize.

But some of you don't.  Tsk, tsk :-)

As for the idea that I was claiming Mr. Muse said Stradas were "junk," please read it again, Mark. I was AGREEING with you where you said "Stradas are not junk by a long shot." Sorry anyway.

I had my Stradas in the same dual-sub setup as Knever after reading the same 6mooons review he did.  6moons pointed out the one downside/deficiency -- a minor response "hole" between the Stradas and the TR-3D  subs -- and while this didn't bother me at the outset and I couldn't seem to ameliorate it,  it eventually drove me back to the original (1996) Gallo Nucleus Ultimates which continue to please me greatly.
Breaking news!
In re-packing these Stratas for return to the vendor, I uncovered the original shipping label on the box. It was sent from Gallo in Chatsworth CA to the vendor. The shipping date was 03-2013.
I'm not surprised about a set of speakers a few years old but SIX years old?? Who knows what could have happened in that time, and to both speakers together.

Perhaps the speakers' performance is in part due to six years of sitting, boxed-up, on a shelf.

Incorrect spelling of Strada.....are you perhaps referring to the careless person who initiated this whole discussion? 
Well, all I can say is you're right, and old habits die hard.
Correction noted.